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Ariel really wanted to order in some pizza on a Sunday night in Chicago. Salerno’s was a cheesy party with a sweeter tomato sauce. It reminded me most of a Giordano’s thin crust pie. We enjoyed it :)

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Ca’ Dario Pizzeria- Santa Barbara

I enjoyed this quaint and well-decorated rustic spot for a few pizzas with friends. Wishing they were a bit more generous with the toppings for the price and the crust was a bit bland, but otherwise an enjoyable night!

Bottom VIew

Bottom VIew

PARMA E RUGHETTA Prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, arugula

Prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, arugula

SALSICCIANOSTRANA Sausage, rapini, garlic, tomato & Pecorino

Sausage, rapini, garlic, tomato & Pecorino

Cadiz- Santa Barbara

Cadiz Margherita

This flatbread, not so bueno. There is other food at Cadiz that is much more enticing.

Pizza Expo 2015

The crew at Pizza Rock

The crew at Pizza Rock

It has been almost one month since the 2015 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas! I just finished my fourth year… and it was the first year that Jon joined our crew to make the week complete! Even better, he proposed on our last day in Vegas! Good times all around.

Below are some of my favorite highlights of the expo. Reach out to me if you have any questions about attending the expo as a small pizzeria, or want to understand what goes on. So thankful that this event takes place. It really brings together great chefs in the industry and businessmen rub elbows with each other. A great platform for sharing ideas, tips, and tricks!

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Ecco Atlanta Airport- Atlanta, GA


This flatbread was nice! No complaints. I like Varsanos better for ATL airport pizzas, but the flavored crust, touch of salt, and fresh basil were all on-point. The ambiance here was great, and it’s a lovely place to kick off an international flight! I really don’t have any complaints about this italian restaurant, especially because most airports have terrible pizza selections… but Atlanta has done a great job of bringing in quality pizzas. Hooray! Continue reading Ecco Atlanta Airport- Atlanta, GA