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Cafe Amici- Bermuda

We had some GREAT service from Cafe Amici when our friend Natalie asked for some pizzas and food to the Fun Golf area!

We had a variety of pies, and they were very adventurous!

Hawaiian Pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza!


Hamburger-esque Pizza with ground meat and BBQ Sauce

Pepperoni Pie

Pepperoni Pie

Curry Pizza

Chicken Curry Pie… Woah nelly. So cool. and so Bermuda. Many restaurants have a curry dish or two on their menus!


Tony’s Pizzaria- Ventura, CA

10846031_783436505025300_2180494484420419090_n Continue reading Tony’s Pizzaria- Ventura, CA

Rock & Brews – LAX Delta Terminal

They had told me this pizza would be good… It was not. So sad to see this margherita pie. Once again, best airport pizza is in ATL hands down. Don’t go for this pizza in the delta terminal before a red-eye. Much more inclined to recommend the other food options nearby, even “Lemonade” across the way has some good healthy bites! I do hear they have good burgers here though!

IMG_0334 IMG_0335

Santullo’s- Bucktown



Ariel and I already had eaten lunch, but I couldn’t NOT try this slice at Santullos… I am happy with their pies! Big slices, awesome to fold up and chow down. And loved the bubbled cheese in the pizza.
IMG_4339 IMG_4337

PizzaVino JFK Terminal 4- New York

Oh I wanted this pizza to be good, but it was not. On one of my JFK layovers in terminal 4, I tried a cheese pizza. I couldn’t helpĀ eating it, but it was no good… it was more for necessity. No char on the crust, just a mushy pie.

RIP PizzaVino Pizza…
(missing Varsano’s in Atlanta airport!)
IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0542 IMG_0543