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Fred’s at Barney’s-Gold Coast

The whole fam was in town for my gorgeous friend Alyssa’s wedding weekend! We had a blast. On Saturday, the girls (mom, Ariel, and I) had a lovely lunch at the top-floor restaurant of Barney’s. The outdoor seating and upscale decor made for a lovely meal. I had to go for the pizza and I was happy with the pie they put together. It came at a price, but they had their own special disclaimers!

Villa Nova- New Buffalo, MI

Too excited to chow down on this pie

On a girlie getaway with my friend, Anna, we grabbed some pizza and beer to top off a rainy night in New Buffalo, Michigan.

We sat inside the 12-deck-oven joint as Villa Nova prepared a signature thin crust sausage pizza for takeout.

This spot means business. They were super packed. After throwing the dough balls through the presser/sheeter, they delicately placed raw ground sausage in grid fashion across the pizza atop the sauce. Then they topped with an un-portioned amount of cheese insanity.

This pie was da bomb. They did not skimp on any toppings and it is the perfect tavern pizza to bring home and chow down.

Stony’s Late Night Pizza Truck- Austin, Texas

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La Famiglia Giorgios- Boston

I was so happy to meet Sarah and Jordan in the north end last recently! We has great conversation and wine… And pizza! Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs as we ordered 2 pizzas and a chicken parmesan.
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Santarpio’s -Boston


When I was driving to the airport one week, I noticed Santarpios located at the exit before the airport! I told myself i’d have to stop by the next week I was in town…
And then I was jinxed. After many evening hours in the airport, my flight was canceled and I had to hang in Boston overnight.