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Salty Pig- Boston, MA

I had to run an errand at Copley place in Boston and was anxious to check out the salty pig, a restaurant with an outdoor courtyard and a large inside space. I snagged a spot at the bar and ordered a cocktail and a Margherita pizza with 1/2 fresh prosciutto.
This pizza was light, thin, and full of flavor. I really enjoyed this pie. I thought it was loaded up with great toppings and the prosciutto was perfect. Highly recommended.

Scampo at the Liberty Hotel- Boston, MA

I was so excited to meet my friend Courtney in Boston for a classy meal! We started with an unbelievable Burrata appetizer along with a glass of wine.

They’re known for the lobster pizza, but my allergies would not allow.  We ordered an inventive spinach zucchini pizza as their pies are well-revered, and it was quite the ZA! The sauce was very sweet (they use caramelized onions in all sauces), and it was a bit of a deterrent.  Because of the heavy toppings, the crust was soggy. It still tasted lovely but did not really resemble a pizza. I guess that’s what happens with a fancy restaurant, though! Hoping to get back to try their non-pizza options:)

Neapolitan style of pizza w/ fresh tomato & fiore di nonna stracciatella cheese .. crisped zucchini blossoms

Compass Bar- Lakeview

My sister and I came across this bar on a lunchtime walk down Diversey. Compass bar opened in February, replacing a few other names that were there before. We ordered a Margherita (+onion) pizza and a chopped salad that came with an overload of chickpeas :) .

This pizza has some potential, but it was a undercooked. I enjoyed the cheese and carmelized onion, and the crust thin.

Loved the beers here!! Will be back for drinks and more food.


Fogo 2 Go- Lincoln Park

This place is just not worth it… even for the hungriest human. My sister and I grabbed a slice and they had pizza sitting out for a while with no intention to make another pie. They reheated the slice for less than 1 minute, which meant that it hadn’t even fully warmed up. Nothing impressive to say, and I’d much rather have made an oven pizza. Sad news for this place, although some people must like it since it has 4 stars on yelp! Maybe I need to try other entrees, meet the owners, or come at a time where there is turnover so the food is more fresh.


Cicchetti Restaurant- Streeterville

Loved the ambiance of this trendy restaurant in Streeterville. Cocktails were tasty and we also had a bread plate with olives, butter, giardinera. Then we shared a “handmade pizza” with tomato, mozzarella, and basil. The waiter also told us that there was Ricotta on the pie, which wasn’t listed on the menu, but we figured we’d give it a go. I must say, the sauce was a rich flavor, but those square cheese slices were weird! Just something new and different. Overall I ate my portion of the pie, but I wasn’t in love with it. Sometimes restaurants try to be too creative. They may have done that here, but I’m still glad we got to check out the menu and sip some great cocktails! Until next time…