Giovanni’s- Boca Raton, FL

Family pizza time. We ordered a spinach and onion pie from Giovanni’s. Very fluffy and flavorful crust. Didn’t make me feel miserable as most deep dish pies do. Would order again, but I would probably char it in the oven to give it an extra crunch. Overall a good deal!

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Photo May 10, 8 11 47 PM

Olio Pizzeria- Santa Barbara, CA

This pizzeria was recommended by many people as there are two nearby locations Olio Crudo Bar and Olio & Limone Restaurant. Great traditional dishes and some fun variations here. I celebrated my birthday here and visited again on the last week of the project I was working on. The pies weren’t amazing but the atmosphere was great and the overall menu with wines were lovely.

Photo Mar 02, 8 09 22 PM

A Calzone!

Photo Mar 02, 8 09 19 PM Photo Mar 02, 8 09 14 PM Photo Mar 02, 8 09 16 PM

The Coop- Los Angeles, CA

Some quality carry-out pizza was had in LA when Michelle, Katie, and I were hanging out before a flight. This is Katie’s favorite pizza to order in and she enjoys seeing the same husband-and-wife crew churn out the pies together. We enjoyed the slight bit of grease against the sausage, garlic, and pepperoni pie.

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Intermezzo- Santa Barbara, CA

I really wanted to give this place a chance, but their pizzas just didn’t hold a candle to the rest of their menu! It was like a kids pizza with boring sauce… So sad. We mourn this pizza.

Photo Jan 23, 7 24 29 PM Photo Jan 23, 7 23 58 PM

Harry’s Pizzeria- Miami, FL

My mom and I enjoyed visiting this offshoot of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. Harry’s Pizzeria just opened another location in Coconut Grove as well! We started with our own salads. I had the Brussel Sprouts & Stracciatella , which was accompanied by fresh pear. Nom. Cheese. Nom. My mom loved her salad with fresh warm chicken and cheesy croutons.

The margherita was quite nice! I was most taken by the sauce. It was a denser tomato sauce than I typically taste. Not soupy at all, quite flavorful. We also had caramelized & grilled onions atop the pie, and they added a nice amount of sweetness. Good ZA in the design district, and right at the edge of the action!
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