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Fratelli La Bufala- South Beach, FL

On a recent trip to south beach for the “South Beach Wine and Food Festival”, we had some time to kill before the festivities began. Jon and I visited Fratelli la Bufala , a pizzeria at 5th and Washington. This is one of two USA locations; the others are scattered across Europe, centered in Italy. Continue reading Fratelli La Bufala- South Beach, FL

Pizza Expo 2014

My time at the pizza expo was summarized briefly on my Facebook page, but I wanted to organize it here for you as well. It was my third year at the Expo and I brought my mom along for the fun. We had a great time, even though I was only able to attend for two days. We even tried out some pizzas in Vegas, to which my mom said “I can’t believe you’re eating MORE pizza after you’ve eaten it all day!” Hey mom, we’re in the biz :-) . This event just makes me happy, and I enjoy meeting new people and seeing what develops on the show floor to benefit business owners. Continue reading Pizza Expo 2014

Ephesus Pizza- Pittsburgh

It was my first time eating at Ephesus, a pizza joint near our office in Pittsburgh. The menu was exhausting at this fast-food-esque establishment. They had pizzas, fried foods, salads, sandwiches, along with turkish and Greek specialties.

I tried the Turkish Pide on recommendation… And it was similar to a pizza without sauce. It seemed that they make two small pizzas in the shape shown in the photo and then place them on top of each other. I didn’t see them prepare the food but I would like to another time.

This looks like much more than the photo shows because of the two layers. The roasted pepper and tomato toppers were great, and it was served with a side salad along, olive oil, and tzatziki. I definitely didn’t NEED to finish the whole thing, but I did. Not the classiest pizzas but, wow, were they good! Bring on the cheeeeese and grease!

Tavern II- Des Moines, Iowa


I had the opportunity to spend Christmas in Des Moines, Iowa with Jon’s mom and family. We had a great trip!! Also, we ate some pizza at a well-known restaurant called ‘Tavern.’ There are a few locations in Des Moines, and one was located across from our hotel! This institution started in 1945. Continue reading Tavern II- Des Moines, Iowa

Argus Brewery Frozen Pizza

Check out this new pizza on the market in Chicago grocery stores! Continue reading Argus Brewery Frozen Pizza