DOC Wine Bar- Lincoln Park

Had an awesome time celebrating Diana’s birthday a while ago, and we got to relax in their private back room. Cozy and intimate, and full of great friends! The food was nice, and we nibbled on dip and veggies, and ordered a few more substantial dishes… one of them being pizza. Obvious grill marks on this margherita pie, but the crust was weighed down by the chunky tomato sauce… a bit more of a mess, but the fresh mozz complemented the chunky sauce quite well.Photo May 15, 9 40 39 PM Photo May 15, 9 40 28 PM

Taffy’s-Santa Barbara, CA

Far delayed post from one of my last weeks in Santa Barbara for work. This was a casual dine-in/carry-out/delivery site… family ZA, simple setup. The pies were substantial, and they had some fun topping combinations. The pepperoni pie was typical greasy meat, but the crust had a crisp finish while having a fluffy interior. The other pie was much more adventurous, the BBQ Chicken Special. It was quite a hit! Hidden under all that cheese was BBQ sauce, fresh grilled chicken, red onion, and cilantro. Killer.

Photo Mar 03, 7 19 16 PM

Photo Mar 03, 7 19 30 PM

Brass Monkey- Chicago, IL

Look at that smile. Alyssa was so helpful to hold this pizza at dinner at trendy Brass Monkey restaurant. Loved the decor at this place and cool drinks, but I don’t recommend ordering the pizza here, FYI.

Photo Apr 17, 8 33 59 PM

Don Antonio- Atlanta, GA

Yes Yes, the title is confusing for New Yorkers, but there really is a new location in Georgia! We went to the new Don Antonio pizzeria in Atlanta, GA back in March, and the quality was top notch.

We may have ordered too much food for only 3 people, but every menu item was mouth-watering and we couldn’t resist. If I lived near this place, the temptation would be dangerous. Thanks to our weekend hosts Donna & David! :)

Montanara Starita-Specialty pie: Fried dough, signature sauce, smoked buffalo mozz

Montanara Starita-Specialty pie: Fried dough, signature sauce, smoked buffalo mozz

Classic Margherita... NEVER FAILS... Always good to go back to basics

Classic Margherita… NEVER FAILS… Always good to go back to basics

Fried dough & cheese... YUM

Fried dough & cheese… YUM

Homemade Burrata with Prosciutto, tomato, and some carb

Homemade Burrata with Prosciutto, tomato, and some carb

Under-crust pic... no complaints

Under-crust pic… no complaints

Iron Horse- Chicago, IL

I had the opportunity to crawl for a cause earlier this year to support a charity “Salute, Inc.” with my favorite blog fan and friend Bailey Hatch (photo below). Jon and I had a great time cruising the metra line with a large crowd to help raise money for this great organization.

Bailey Felicia Iron Horse

At the Norwood Park stop, we visited Iron Horse Ale House. As this was a booze crawl (and not a pizza crawl) I did not expect to come across a REALLY NICE pie, and wanted to tell you about it!

Cool old-style brick oven, large sized pies, crushed tomato sauce, and damn good cheese all provided some yummy nourishment along with our alcoholic activities :)

Iron Horse Margherita

Jon inspects the yummy margherita

Photo May 02, 1 35 48 PM (1) Iron Horse Oven Chicago