Di Fara- Las Vegas, NV

Nobody liked this Vegas imposter!

Photo Mar 24, 10 30 32 PM

Photo Mar 24, 9 44 21 PM

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Photo Mar 24, 10 30 26 PM

Less than thrilled


Photo Mar 24, 10 30 28 PM

She says no!


DeNunzio’s Brick Oven Pizza and Grille- Sea Isle City, NJ

I love Brie and Mike, and their family owns DeNunzio’s Brick Oven and Grille in Sea Isle, NJ. I visited last April to check out pizzas before I started making my own, and I just spent a lovely weekend on the shore hanging around the shop and catching up with good friends. I am addicted… NY slices, nicely topped pies, breadsticks, pizza rolls, whatever works in pizza form, it worked for me. Here is a gallery of photos from my first and second visits to the island. Had such a great time, enjoyed the hospitality of the Denunzio’s, making pies with Chris, and taking advantage of the shore life!

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Giovanni’s- Boca Raton, FL

Family pizza time. We ordered a spinach and onion pie from Giovanni’s. Very fluffy and flavorful crust. Didn’t make me feel miserable as most deep dish pies do. Would order again, but I would probably char it in the oven to give it an extra crunch. Overall a good deal!

Photo May 10, 8 14 47 PM

Photo May 10, 8 14 56 PM

Photo May 10, 8 11 35 PM

Photo May 10, 8 11 47 PM

Olio Pizzeria- Santa Barbara, CA

This pizzeria was recommended by many people as there are two nearby locations Olio Crudo Bar and Olio & Limone Restaurant. Great traditional dishes and some fun variations here. I celebrated my birthday here and visited again on the last week of the project I was working on. The pies weren’t amazing but the atmosphere was great and the overall menu with wines were lovely.

Photo Mar 02, 8 09 22 PM

A Calzone!

Photo Mar 02, 8 09 19 PM Photo Mar 02, 8 09 14 PM Photo Mar 02, 8 09 16 PM

The Coop- Los Angeles, CA

Some quality carry-out pizza was had in LA when Michelle, Katie, and I were hanging out before a flight. This is Katie’s favorite pizza to order in and she enjoys seeing the same husband-and-wife crew churn out the pies together. We enjoyed the slight bit of grease against the sausage, garlic, and pepperoni pie.

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