Sidebar- (Barnaby’s… next time)

Since this is my first time writing a blog, I guess I need to be more accurate with my Looking forward sections. I am still Looking forward to Barnaby’s pizza, but I had to take a little detour tonight 🙂

I met up with an old friend at Sidebar Grille for happy hour and a lovely […]

Sweet Tomatoes

Today was a rough day. My coworker and friend, Nishi, and I started our two-week engagement at a client in Waukegan, IL. Nothing says commute like a 5:30 am wake up call just to sit in traffic for quite some time from the city to the FAR north suburbs. But alas, when 11:45 am rolled around and […]

Welcome to my blog!

Almost every person I meet soon learns of my obsession with pizza. During my freshman year of college, I befriended a girl on my floor who is still a great friend today. A few weeks after we became friends, she and her roommate confessed that they referred to me as “Pizzaface.” I was known […]