Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder

What a meal, what a meal! Tonight was a great dinner… and the pizza was just a part of that. 🙂

My long time family friend (and now pseudo older sister) Lauren joined me for dinner at the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder in Lincoln Park. Both of us had heard great things about this place, but we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. First, the ambiance is awesome. Tall wooden booths and dim lighting made for a cozy setting. We wanted to order exactly what most patrons order, so we asked our waitress.

All guests, no matter how many per party, order their Chef’s salad, the Mediterranean Bread, and a Pizza Pot Pie. Because there was so much goodness, I want to keep this post brief and let the pictures do their work.

Menu: Adorable, clever, small, and affordable.

Salad: We ordered the small size chef salad and it was huge. Loved being served on chilled plates. Best part was the dressing that came with. Sour cream garlic, sweet and sour poppyseed, and Italian dressings all accompany this salad… and they suggest mixing the first two. How exciting.

Mediterranean Bread: Overwhelmingly great. 
Could have been a meal within itself. Reminiscent of Naan bread. Filled with spices and full of flavor… Lauren and I barely ate all of it because we wanted to save room for our pizza.

Pizza Pot Pie: We split “The Half-Pounder” because we didn’t want to eat too much after the first two courses. The pizza comes with a mixture of veggies in the sauce as well as sausage & mushrooms. We we opted to eat without the last two parts. Also, with a choice of whole wheat or regular crust, we made the healthy choice of whole wheat. See below for step by step photos!!!

Look at that
Removing the baking bowl to reveal amazing cheesy cheese

Pizza pie before being split in half

Almost there… a mess of sauce, but the best flavoring

All I can say is GO THERE. It is fun, unique, and good for groups. I would suggest heading over on a weeknight to avoid the crazy lines that I normally see outside. Have a taste and you’ll definitely be pleased! 🙂

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