Edwardos Deep Dish

Why, you might ask, have I gone to Edwardo’s again in the same month? Well I will tell you:
1. It was not an original dinner plan
2. It is extremely close to my apartment
3. I have a groupon there, so it’s cheaper for my friends and I!

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Edwardo’s in the Gold Coast. My friends, Leslie, Amy, Becky, and I were trying to decide if we should cook or go out to eat. At the last minute, we chose to eat at Edwardos because I remembered I bought a groupon for $10 for $20 worth of food.

Knowing that deep dish pizza takes a longer time to make and we didn’t feel like waiting there, I called ahead to preorder our pizza at 7:15pm. The pizza took thirty minutes to cook, so we were patient and didn’t arrive until 7:45. During that time, all four of us became EXTREMELY hungry.

The Edwardo’s in the Gold Coast is pretty small. There are approximately five booths and five tables, and we were welcomed by a twenty minute wait. We all became a little anxious and pondered bringing the pizza back to Becky’s apartment, but we held out and had a great meal:

Spinach & Onion Pizza

Cross-section view to emphasize the layers of crust, cheese, veggies, and sauce
The pizza was great! It’s been a while since I’ve eaten deep dish, so I was happy to “knife and fork” my slice. Due to our intense hunger, we chowed down pretty quickly. The best thing about eating with four people is that eight slices are split evenly. You can tell by the faces on Becky and Les that we went to town on our pizza. I think all of our opinions on this meal were a bit skewed because we were just happy to be eating something. 
Becky (left) and Leslie (right) and pizza

Edwardo’s deep dish pizza is yummy, and having the onions and spinach added a nice touch. Sometimes I tend to go for the plainer pizza, but with friends around, they help me try different combinations. The Groupon was great to have around. I still had to spend the $10 up front for the Groupon, but it eased the bill for the rest of my friends. Our pizza was $23 for a medium because of the deep dish style and toppings. It seems a bit pricey, but having four people to split it and our Groupon makes Edwardo’s a satisfying stop for dinner.


  1. Felicia,
    This is your uncle writing to you on Sarah's computer here in Colorado Springs. Sarah is showing me your blog.
    I'd love to take you to one of the pizza restaurants you still want to review.
    E-mail me at lbernstein@law-ldb.com and we can pick a date and restaurant.

    Uncle louie

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