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Happy Friday!

Last night was the NFL Season Opener & Jersey Shore… double whammy! Jon’s coworker invited us to his apartment to watch the game and the Jersey Shore, and he lives right near Gino’s East. Since he’s a fan of my pizza blog, he offered to order in some pizza for dinner.

He is a thin crust guy so I gladly accepted the offer because I love my pizza any way. We arrived in Lakeview around 8pm, right as the pizza was ready to be picked up. I was excited and hungry because I hadn’t eaten since lunch, and the thought of pizza made me even hungrier.
The Pizza
Crust: Thin
Sauce: Delectable
Cheese: Extra done
Toppings: Pepperoni inside

Look at that beauty. Don’t be afraid of the burnt cheese. I thought that was a nice touch. He ordered the pizza “extra done”, and it gave the pizza an extra crunch.

Jon, my boyfriend, was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of sauce, but that was also due to the burnt cheese sliding off the pizza. I was quite happy with it though. And the pepperoni hidden is probably my favorite way of having toppings on my pizza. It’s like a mysterious taste because you can’t see it on top. 🙂

Lastly, I have a question for the masses: PIE CUT or SQUARE CUT?

I like it both ways. Jon’s coworker, Aly, was not thrilled with the square cut because he likes to have a full piece of pizza every time. At least with the square cut, people can choose their favorite type. Some people like the ENDS, some like the CORNERS, and some like the MIDDLE. And once again, I could go with either. I like to have at least one of each type of piece because they all have different tastes!

So I guess I have left you with two questions!

  1. Do you like your pizza PIE CUT or SQUARE CUT?
  2. If it’s square cut, do you like an END, MIDDLE, or CORNER?

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Enjoy your weekend!

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