Italian Village- Pre-show pizza

Happy Friday!

Last night, my boyfriend and I saw the musical “Rock of Ages.” It was a great show with amazing music from Journey, Styx, Poison, and other 80s groups. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and loved the corny premise and audience interaction. Anyway… back to the point of my post: PIZZA, obviously.

Jon & Pizza

Just a block away is an adorable trio of restaurants called the “Italian Village.” Ever since I was young and saw musicals in the city, my family and I would eat at the top floor restaurant, “The Village” because of its cozy atmosphere and cute private booths disguised as houses in an Italian town setting. The food is good and has a great reputation preshow meals. They also have great pizza! For the sake of my blog, I told Jon we had to have a pizza appetizer, and he ordered us a small pepperoni and salami pizza… very Italian. The village was creative in their placement of the toppings. On the top, you can see the pepperoni, but the salami is hidden under the cheese. Regardless, the pizza hit the spot, and it was HUGE!

We had also ordered main courses for ourselves, so we tried to resist chowing down on the whole pie. The cheese was great and the thin cracker crust gave a good taste. Then again, it was nothing notable for thin crust pizza, so I wouldn’t suggest coming here for pizza in Chicago. Rather, if you are seeing a show at Cadillac Palace or the Bank of America Theater, it’s definitely a fun place to stop because of the atmosphere and also their attentiveness to showtimes.

All in all, we had a great meal and were stuffed… and accidentally left our doggy bag of leftovers on the table… I hate when that happens 🙂

Next week, I’m looking forward to a trip to Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder with a great friend, Lauren Newman ( I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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