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So I had the busiest day yesterday at the University of Illinois. I visited my alma mater with some of my coworkers to do some recruiting at the Business Career Fair. Working from 10am-10pm is not easy, especially when you are on your feet and on your game for that time. But I had something lingering in my mind the whole time : Papa Del’s pizza. Some say it’s overrated, some say it’s the best pizza on the planet, but either way, it is Champaign’s pizza of choice.

Unfortunately, my coworkers were in the mood for Mexican instead of pizza for our dinner, so I had to devise a plan to get my pizza at another time. After much debating and the short time span until Papa Del’s closed, I ordered a medium pepperoni pizza to be delivered to my friend Sara’s apartment. It was well worth it because she was able to put it in the fridge for me to bring back to Chicago the next morning.

I can gladly say that it tasted as amazing as always and I was able to share it with my fellow Illini friend, Kunal. We enjoyed the pizza for lunch today and were happy with the thick cheese, awesome marinara sauce, and bread bread bready crust. Carbo load was in order because their pan pizza is filling for sure. The pepperoni added a nice touch, but I almost wish I had just gotten cheese. Also, I wanted more sauce on my pizza, but nonetheless, Papa Del’s didn’t let me down, and I doubt it ever will. Even though my visit to Champaign was short and hectic, I managed to escape with a prized treasure that I’m sure many other grads and students would vouch for.

What are your thought’s on Papa Del’s?

Step 1: Admire the slice as you cut a piece
Step 2: Take a bite and savor the flavor
Step 3: Smile with happiness and contentment at the great accomplisment

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  1. I lived in Chicago for the first 25 years of my life and in central Illinois, mostly Champaign for the next 38. I refer to myself as a "pizza snob." Loved and eaten pizza in both places and Papa Del's is still the best I've ever had. Uno,Due's, Malnati's, Geno's East, all have their place but PD's has the most unique taste of them all. His sausage is "imported" from Chicago and it's flavor and spices are incomparable.

    I never wanted to be unfaithful to the pizza I was raised on but I just couldn't help myself!!

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