Reggio’s Frozen Pizza Dinner

So I went to the grocery store to restock my fridge today and couldn’t resist checking out the frozen pizza section. Usually I share late night food with friends, but I often cook dinner on my own after work. I try to be fancy, but tonight I just felt like eating a pizza!

I saw large tombstone pizzas on sale for $3, but I knew if I purchased that, I would eat the entire pizza by myself or close to it 😉 So instead, I bypassed the killer deal and moved along to the frozen section to look at the individual pizzas. I settled on the new DiGiorno 200 calorie pizzas and a Reggio’s personal cheese pizza. Reggio’s is known for their butter crust, but comparatively it didn’t have as much fat or calories as some of the other selections.

I happily put it in my oven and was satisfied with the taste. I wish I had cooked the bottom crust longer because I would have liked it to be crunchier, but I couldn’t wait! I was definitely happy with my meal, and the portion was perfect because I didn’t feel too full! I’ll save the 200 cal pizzas for later. They are half the size of an individual pizza (2 per box) but a similar amount of fat content as Reggios, so it wasn’t as appealing tonight! For another night or lunch at work, I will definitely dig in.

I have been a little light on my pizza blogging, but don’t fear! On Sunday, I’m looking forward to going on one of the pizza tours in chicago: Second City Pizza Tours. Can’t wait for that! I think I am going to have to prepare myself mentally and physically to withstand the pizza at each restaurant. Can’t wait to update you on that.

Have a great week!

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