Youswoop Pizza Tour

Alright everyone. Today is the day where I confess my love for DEALS.

Deals deals deals… I am a member of Groupon, YouSwoop, buywithme, living social, and yipit… all great websites that flood your inbox each morning with a half off (or more) coupon for your purchasing pleasure. It’s genius and definitely appealing for a wide variety of people, whether it is students on a tight budget, grads on a tight budget, families, or anybody who is happier when they have extra cash laying around.
In my last post, I talked about how I will be taking a pizza tour of Chicago with Second City Pizza Tours. I purchased a YouSwoop from them many many months ago. Well, today YouSwoop has done it again. They are offering a Bus-Guided Pizza Tour with Chicago Pizza Tours. This is another company in Chicago. Yes, Chicago has more than one pizza tour company. For all who have not taken a pizza tour, I fully suggest you take advantage of the coupon. They are selling it for $22, and that’s a steal compared to the retail price of $55. In my opinion, $55 is a LOT of money, and you could make your own pizza tour with friends, but for only $22, I say GO FOR IT.
Here’s where I need your help and advice! Should I buy a coupon for this pizza tour? After all, it doesn’t expire for a year, and I’ll be yearning to take another pizza tour after this weekend is through. I will only buy if some of you buy as well! So comment here if you have bought your YouSwoop, and if at least five people purchase the YouSwoop, I’ll buy one myself. (Yes, I’m setting low standards for myself and my followers, so I hope you rise to the challenge!)
Happy WEDNESDAY! Halfway through the week!

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