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I have been so excited to review one of my longtime favorite pizza places: Barnaby’s Pizza in Northbrook, IL. Last night, my friends, Sam, Spencer, Mollie, and Rachel, met at Barnaby’s in the suburbs after a long workday. Since I am without a car, it is harder to get into the suburbs, but Sam drove me and Spencer back from the city, and we were able to enjoy a satisfying meal at this “Family Inn.”

The dimly lit, cozy atmosphere

To Preface:
Barnaby’s has been a place I have eaten at with family and friends throughout my childhood and even today. Every birthday I had was celebrated with my family at Barnaby’s, and I clearly remember one birthday where my girlfriends came to have pizza and then went to see a movie. Basically, many family occasions revolved around this classic pizza & pub joint, opened forty years ago.

Pizza Night:
At Barnaby’s, customers place their order at the counter, pay up-front, and wait until their ticket number is called to grab the pizza at the window. I know this sounds similar to other quick service restaurants, but Barnaby’s has been doing this forever. We ordered two large pizzas and a small pizza, enough to feed five people because of its thin crust. It is not difficult to scarf down an entire small pizza or half a large pizza, so we expected to want more, but we were satisfied.

Crackers & Cheese

While waiting, we ate their amazing cheesy cracker spread, a staple at the restaurant. We sat at a table and caught up with each other, and my mouth watered while I waited for the cornmeal crust to be charred to perfection.
Soon, the pizzas were ready, and we ran up to grab them. We ordered a large cheese, sausage & green pepper, and small pepperoni pizza. They were all equally yummy, although pepperoni is always a favorite of mine. I was in a euphoric mood. Rarely have I visited Barnaby’s with friends, so they were pretty impressed with the way I conquered all the pizza. Everyone enjoyed it!

Check out those pizzas- and look at the crust!
Our ticket for pizza- #59!
Our pizza makers at the kitchen
Cornmeal crust!

Thin crust is great because the eater is able to chow down on as many pieces as possible; whereas deep dish pizza requires more calculation, with one or two pieces per person and fork & knife required. Therefore, I was thrilled with the square cut because I had the opportunity to eat a middle piece folded-up and an end piece with my favorite pinched crust. If that is any indication of my love, I hope you too take a chance and try Barnaby’s. Or if you haven’t been in a while, take a trip down memory lane and enjoy!

[They have locations in Niles, Northbrook, Des Plaines, and Schaumburg, and maybe others I’m not aware of]

Sam happily eating some ZA

Mollie, Rachel, and I with an awesome slice of pizza
I ordered four par-bake pizzas. Barnaby’s melts the cheese so you can put it in your freezer and cook from your home oven when you’re ready! A MUST for my city-living self!

Trying to arrange four pizzas in my inefficiently-sized freezer 🙂

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