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You know it’s a good day when your coworkers want to eat pizza with you 🙂

Yesterday, some of the people at my client’s office wanted to pick up pizza on our lunch break. Omar had eaten Bella Bacino’s a while ago, but he was interested in trying it again. Since I am a pizza lover all around, I was up for any place, and I was excited to see what this pizza was all about. Some of you may remember Bacino’s pizza from the Taste of Chicago. They had a sign saying “Heart Healthy Pizza!” This is the same place, and they have four locations: Downtown, West Loop, Lincoln Park, and La Grange.

The restaurant

I was interested in tasting their stuffed pizza and their thin crust, so Cathy and I split two individual pizzas. Omar wanted to get enough pizza for leftovers so he ordered a medium stuffed (LOTS OF ZA). We had a few other orders for pasta dishes and they really enjoyed that as well! But on to the pizza:

 1. Bambino size stuffed cheese pizza. You know me, I often enjoy having a basic pizza flavor so I can taste the crust and sauce more directly. As I was eating, the first thing I thought of was Edwardo’s. The pizza seemed similar with the same taste and consistency of the crust. It was definitely good. Nothing notable with the cheese, just a LOT of it 🙂

2. Small thin crust pepperoni and onion pizza. This was a nice contrast to the deep dish, and the pepperoni had a kick to it. I’m not a huge fan of spicy things, but for those who are, this pepperoni put some oomph into the pizza taste. Toppings were under the cheese, but none of the tastes were hidden, so I was happy. Though the crust reminded me of Edwardo’s, there were spices baked into the bottom of this one, and I really liked that!

My crust picture- spices!

3. Medium pepperoni and sausage stuffed.  Here is the sad part. Omar wanted his pepperoni and sausage pizza, but instead, he took out a slice and saw it was PEPPER and sausage. Since Omar has an aversion to green peppers, he didn’t even have ONE bite of the pizza. I was sooo sad for him. I imagine the person taking the order wrote down ‘pepp’ and the chef interpreted it the wrong way. Saddest story of the day, but he was charitable and gave it to others in the office!

Overall, Bella Bacino’s tasted great and was a great lunch place. I don’t know how heart healthy it is, but if it’s good for your heart, they should leave it at that. Pizza is not healthy! Especially deep dish!

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