Free Pizza for a Year! GO ROMA

Yesterday, an amazing thing happened. I was one of 52 people in downtown Chicago to win one free pizza per week for an entire year!

The Place: Go Roma
The Deal: Free pizza for a year
The location: Any of their six restaurants
The catch: FREE FREE FREE! No catch!

I woke up on Saturday morning at 9:30 am with an email in my inbox. It was from an old friend, Emily, who went to the University of Illinois with me. Because she reads my blog and knows I’m an avid pizza lover, she told me about a contest that Go Roma was having to win free pizza for a year. On Saturday, the first 52 people in line before the store opened would be winners of their contest.

Emily had been camping out since 4:30 am, so I assumed I read the email too late. I quickly responded and asked how many people were in line. At the time there were approximately 35 people, so Jon and I rushed to get ready and headed to the Go Roma location at 848 N. State Street by 10 am. We arrived in the chilly weather and quickly got in line, not knowing how many people were ahead of us. One of the Go Roma employees started passing out numbers so we would know our spots in line.

Emily & Jared- Prepared with folding chairs

Awesome Go Roma Employee who helped make the magic happen!

I was #50!!! That means I barely made the cut of 52 people. Was it a miracle?! I think so. Jon was #51 and there were two women behind us who came shortly after. Since the 53rd person isn’t eligible to win, Jon was a GREAT sport and gave the #53 person his number so she could enjoy the deal. After all, if he was planning on eating pizza anyway, it would be at this location with me 🙂 We met some great people in line and I was definitely in the best mood!

When they started ushering people in, they announced that we would get an extra free pizza today as well. Seriously, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Jon & I had such a great time meeting people and we definitely will reap the benefits of our free pizza card… and if we can’t, I’ll lend it to a friend for that week!

If you haven’t heard of Go Roma, I would compare it to Noodles & Company except they make flatbreads (sandwiches & pizza) and pasta. They have a handful of different pizzas, so I’m looking forward to trying them all! Definitely a great start to PIZZA MONTH.

Shout out to Emily for telling me about this awesome deal… Although my blog is here to educate people about pizza in Chicago, I don’t know EVERYTHING going on with pizza, so it was great that she made me aware of this! If you know of any “happenings” that are pizza-related, feel free to post on my blog or facebook page and I’ll try my best to cover it!

Margherita pizza

The “end of the line” crew!

Go Roma on Urbanspoon

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