Kevin James Loves Pizza

Pretty funny video that Uno Chicago Grill posted to Twitter! Who feels this way when they eat pizza with a small group of people? 🙂


I had the opportunity to meet the founder & CEO of Homemade Pizza Company, Eric Fosse. The nicest guy and he was grilling free pizzas to premiere their […]

Mario’s Ristorante- Gold Coast

On Monday night, Jon & I met for a late-night dinner at Mario’s Ristorante three blocks from my apartment. I was working out later in the evening and Jon had a conference call until 8:30pm. We arrived and were happy to find that the restaurant was NOT empty. In fact, the bar had a […]

Homemade Pita Pizza

Last week on twitter, I saw a Food Network recipe posted and it was conveniently a Pita Pizza. I was excited and saved it in my internet favorites, only to pull it out last evening and make myself a yummy pizza on pita bread! I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a […]

Pizza Bracket

I found this awesome visual of a pizza bracket from March Madness season this year. This is the only type of bracket I can relate to 🙂 I am surprised to say I have only tried Stop 50 pizza in Michiana and Lou Malnati’s, but many of the other midwest places are on my […]


A family eating- All ages enjoying:)

I have been so excited to review one of my longtime favorite pizza places: Barnaby’s Pizza in Northbrook, IL. Last night, my friends, Sam, Spencer, Mollie, and Rachel, met at Barnaby’s in the suburbs after a long workday. Since I am without a car, it is harder […]