Pizza Bracket

I found this awesome visual of a pizza bracket from March Madness season this year. This is the only type of bracket I can relate to 🙂 I am surprised to say I have only tried Stop 50 pizza in Michiana and Lou Malnati’s, but many of the other midwest places are on my ‘must-try’ list!

For the Midwest bracket, Chicago was represented only four times: Lou Malnati’s, Nella Pizzeria Napoletana, Spacca Napoli, and Great Lake pizza. Great Lake pizza was rated the top Midwest pizza which means I definitely have to get there sometime!

Anyway, enjoy this clever bracket and see how many of the pizza places you’ve tried! If I ever travel for work or pleasure, I’ll look for pizza places from this bracket!

Thanks to Adam Kuban and Ed Levine for this great compilation… Here is a short article of these New Yorkers describing their journey for the Rachel Ray Magazine.

Go Bears!

This is too small! Click me!

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