Fornetto Mei

BEST DEAL EVER, that’s what I have to to say.

For anyone who lives near the gold coast or is shopping along Michigan Avenue during the day, I urge you to stop by Fornetto Mei. Located in the historic Whitehall Hotel (across from the Four Seasons), this restaurant has an atrium with a pizza oven, intimate bar area & lounge, and main dining room. So whatever atmosphere you prefer, this neighborhood gem is a must-see. Entrees are under $20 for dinner, and pizzas begin at $12, but if you want to miss all of that, stop by during lunch hours for their special.

$5 gets you a pizza and salad. Five dollars, a price you only find for a subway sandwich. The deal includes a margherita pizza, but for an extra dollar per topping, you add a personal touch. Also, you can choose between a house salad and caesar salad to accompany. I would suggest indulging in a few extra pizza toppings. After all, paying a few bucks over their $5 special is still a steal.

I enjoyed this meal with my friend, Christie. We were pleased with the politeness of our waitress as well as the other staff members. We sat in the atrium area near the pizza oven, but saw the cozy and romantic areas of the lounge as well. Both of us had the caesar salad… perfect portion and left us excited for our next course.

Then our little pizzas arrived 🙂 They were definitely individual pizzas (no larger than a dinner plate) and perfect for lunchtime hunger satisfaction. I was hoping to have sliced tomatoes on my pizza, but the grape tomatoes were satisfactory as well. Chrstie loved the goat cheese on her pizza and the seasoned crust. Nothing crunchy but the brick oven definitely added to the fresh taste.

Overall: Regardless of what you get on your pizza, just go there… Fornetto Mei has fresh ingredients, great service, and a helluva deal. I would definitely suggest it if you need a break from your day of shopping or if you’re meeting a friend for lunch in the area.

Margherita Pizza with grape tomatoes

Margherita Pizza with goat cheese

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