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Pizano’s Pizza was created by a son of Rudy Malnati (Of Lou Malnati’s), and is some GREAT pizza. It’s less commercialized than Lou’s and Uno’s with only two downtown locations: Gold Coast and the Chicago Loop. I am a big fan of Pizano’s, and when I went for some late night pizza with coworkers, I was satisfied with the intensity of the sauce & the great crust. Nishi, Katie, Kevin, Jaison, and Jon came with, and we were welcomed into Pizano’s with open arms around 11:30pm.

Thin crust cheese

We ordered a large thin crust cheese just because we were so hungry and I didn’t want to wait for a deep dish, but then the boys orderd a sausage deep dish as well. It was good to compare the differences. I have been to Pizano’s a few times before and enjoyed eating their thin crust… I love the cheese and the crust is great too. On a thin crust pizza, you don’t feel too full. The pizza is a bit greasy, but well deserved and I LOVE the sweetness of the tomato sauce.

Once we housed the cheese pizza, the sausage deep dish came along. It was more for Kevin & Jaison, but they were generous enough to give us some to try. I was excited, but not super impressed with the lack of sauce. I loved the sweet sauce and wished there was more. The part I did enjoy which differentiates it from the other deep dish is that it’s not as THICK as the other pizzerias. This isn’t a bad thing! It allows you to eat more slices, which I can’t complain about. I liked the sausage, and loved the monstrous cheese. I still do wish there was more sauce, but I’m not going to criticize it too harshly. I actually prefer their thin crust… I just love the way it’s cooked and caramelized 🙂

So overall, Pizano’s is a place to go for dinner, lunch, or LATE night… how can you turn down a great classic chicago pizzeria? 🙂 It’s deifnitely better than ordering in Domino’s late at night. Enjoy your thanksgiving holiday!
Sausage deep dish pizza

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