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I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I definitely enjoyed being around family and old friends. On Saturday night, my family and the Buckley family met for dinner at Quartino in River North. I had been once or twice before for light meals, but this was a full-fledged dinner.

Quartino is essentially Italian tapas. They have great selections of wine, meats, cheeses, and italian dishes. They also serve pizza. I had eaten their pizza before my blogging days began, so I was interested to try the pizza from a more critical eye.

Our packed table of eight started with the Salumeria Tasting (cheeses, salami, and olives) along with risotto and some pastas. Everything tasted great and fresh. It is a good restaurant for sharing and eating a handful of different foods. I didn’t feel too full and was happy to try new dishes.

When it came to the pizza, Quartino fell short. I don’t recall that their pizza always tasted the way it did… but last weekend I was a unsatisfied. We ordered the margherita pizza, and it was overcooked and a bit like cardboard. I wish I could stay positive about the pizza, but it was lacking… I hope to be able to try it again, but not any time soon. Maybe they’ll invite me back to get a better idea of the pizza? We’ll just have to see! 🙂

Quartino’s Margherita Pizza

Needless to say, Sunday night I followed up with some Giordano’s thin crust thanks to my friend, Sara 🙂 1/2 spinach 1/2 onions & pepperoni. It had veggies at least… but if you order toppings at Giordano’s, don’t expect them to skimp on the cheese! Was delicious as always and I was able to finish off the weekend on a high note.

I am headed to Denver, Colorado this week and then up to the mountains at Breckenridge. Anybody have any suggestions of pizza places in either town? Let me know! Enjoy your week!

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