Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizza

Let’s say you’re in Denver and looking for a contemporary, classy, and fun restaurant to dine at. If you are anything like me, you would search for a pizza place. Marco’s Coal- Fired Pizza is a wine & pizza joint that serves fresh pizza and is sure to satisfy your palette.

I was so happy to meet up with my sister and Lindsay in Colorado because they are great food lovers as well!

The restaurant (

We were warmly greeted as we entered the restaurant. The lighting was dim at 8:30pm, and there was still a crowd. After ordering some drinks and a salad, we were ready for some pizza suggestions.

The first pizza suggested by our waiter, Bobby, was the Abruzzo:  Bufala Mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gran Cru, Caciocavallo, Fresh Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I was excited to try this, but weary of the lack of tomatoes … so we ordered  the Toscana as well: Fresh Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Topped with Arugula, Grape Tomatoes, Prosciutto di Parma, Gran Cru and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Both pizzas were great! The pizza is cooked in a brick oven (weird because the name implies coal-fired, I know) and served with a bit of char on the edges. The crust is splendid because it has that bit of crunch but really was more chewy.

Abbruzo: Great and cheesy. Not too overpowering.
 I was happy enough with this pizza,even without the tomato sauce. We were able to focus on the freshly imported cheeses and the crust. Ariel loved this pizza, and I was pleased with the surge of cheese.
Check out the crust on the Abuzzo!!
The Toscana without Prosciutto (Lindsay is a vegetarian)
 This was Lindsay’s favorite pizza. The Parmesan slices were great. I had trouble eating the whole piece because the tomatoes and arugula fell off  as I was eating it. Still, this was truly a specialty pizza because it was a wholesome blend of flavors. Nothing was too overpowering. I would still prefer the Abruzzo, personally.
Closeup on the toppings…

I wouldn’t say this is ‘Colorado pizza’ because I’m not sure they have a style of pizza. Regardless, I was glad to go there and enjoy their pizzas on my business trip. Nothing about the sauce was particularly unique, but it was the imported fresh toppings that made satisfied with the pizzas. The price point is a bit higher than average, but you pay for the caliber of toppings. Thanks to (@slice) and Marco’s (@marcosCFP) for their advice on a great pizza place in Denver! A worthy visit!!

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