BeauJo’s- Colorado

I was working at the office today and got a string of texts from my mom. She had just arrived in Colorado for a ski trip with some friends and happened upon a pizza place that she HAD to tell me about. So I am including her post below!

As a mother who lives out-of-state, she loves coming to Chicago and checking out new places I’m reviewing, but worries that I eat too much pizza! No worries, mom… I’m alright 🙂

BeauJo‘s pizza has locations all over Colorado and elsewhere: Idaho Springs, Denver, Arvada, Fort Collins, Evergreen, Boulder, Steamboat Springs, South Dakota. Shout-out to momma! Love you and miss you and see you February 10th!


This is the best pizza place up and back to the mountains in Idaho springs . It’s called beaujos and it’s famous for eating honey with pizza. The original owners were from Chicago . The crust is a little thicker than barnabys sauce good really cheesey also have good salad bar for only 3.49 with pizza! How’d I do!

-Liz Braude

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