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In an earlier post, I blogged about wanting to check out Frasca’s pizza cooking class. Little did I know, they offer the class every month. In honor of National Pizza Week, Alyssa, Dayna, and I went to the class on a Thursday night.

The oven…

We didn’t quite know what to expect, but we were happy to do something adventurous during the week. The class was seated right near the pizza oven, but still in the restaurant area. We snagged a table next to the teacher, Jason, who also manages the restaurant. I’m glad we were close to the front because the music was a little loud at the other side of the restaurant and the table next to us had trouble hearing him.

The ambiance… just getting busy

The two glasses of wine included in the class price ($25) were not being served for another 20 minutes, so we were ambitious and chose to split a bottle of wine even though they had a $6 martini special… still great!

The class was very educational, which I enjoyed. Jason talked about the different ingredients to make the pizza and how Frasca does it their own way. Every pizza place does it differently, and it was helpful to learn how to identify that. Every day, they make 140 ‘doughs’ for their pizzas (and 260 on their BOGO night). Also, they use a combination of 00 flour (fine, fancy, italian flour for flaky) and all purpose flour (for the gluten content and it’s stretchier consistency).

The beer-infused dough is a great alternative because of the flavoring, and we learned how to flatten it out two different ways, although Alyssa’s wasn’t so successful. Dayna’s wasn’t great either, but the chef redid hers and it looked perfect. Also, we learned the different methods for spreading tomato sauce: dollops of sauce around the pizza, or a glob in the middle spread out by the bottom of a ladle.

Dough balls! (Alyssa & Dayna)

We tried our best when it was our turn to make pizzas, but I was struggling! Pizza-making is tough!! You have to imagine the skill and routine that a pizza maker is accustomed to. They have no problems getting it right, but the three of us were laughing at our inability to make it perfect.

The ingredients for their pepperoni
Dayna’s dollop of cheese on her perfectly crafted crust
My bubbly uneven base 
Alyssa’s awkwardly shaped pizza! Still tasted good!

When our pizzas came out of the oven, we realized that pizza ovens are magical. You could have made a mistake, but the high temperatures cooked it to perfection no matter what. Ours turned out great, but still didn’t compare to the pizza’s that Frasca made. Our lack of skill was clear, but our pizzas still tasted yummy enough.

Alyssa and Dayna are not crust lovers, but they were obsessing over the crust at Frasca and ate every bit. So I suggest you check out the pizzeria, especially on their Buy-one-get-one-free pizza night (Wednesdays)… you’ll be in for a treat! Great atmosphere and wine!

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