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Hello Followers! It has been a busy week, and I didn’t find much free time to blog! But never fear, I’m back! During my busy work week, I spent two nights at social media networking events. It was great to learn about how different people utilize twitter, facebook, etc. and I met some awesome people! I even changed my twitter name. FOLLOW @SLICEofFELICIA for some entertaining tweets and an update on my posts.

The first networking event was #oldtowntweetups at the Old Town Pub. In the summertime, I had definitely walked past this place because it is also known as the Old Town Pizza Pub. I knew I had to try it sometime, and last week was my lucky chance.

At the tweetup, the pub offered free tater tots and pizza. I brought my friend, Nishi, with because I know she loves both of them! After some networking and shmoozing, we made a beeline for the pizza corner.

We were excited to chow down on some pizza, and who can’t resist FREE?! The pizza was great! I was pleased with the crust, and it reminded me of pizza I used to eat in Wisconsin when I spent my summers there. The crust was thin and dough-like, but nice and crunchy on top. Also, the toppings were great. My favorite was the pepperoni because I could really taste it… none of that fake stuff 🙂

Also, this pizza was full of cheese! It was one of those kinds where the cheese slid off after the first bite. Couldn’t quite taste the sauce as much, but the cheese was burnt and yummy. I would definitely recommend this place to others looking to grab a beer & food in the old town/gold coast area.

It’s a chill atmosphere and produces great pizza, which is always a plus for me! The only downside to this event was that I couldn’t resist eating slice after slice! I would do a bit of networking, but then head back to eat some pizza. A dangerous combination because you don’t realize how much you’re eating!

Thanks to Steve Green (@SteveGOgreen) for setting this up! I’m hoping to host a tweetup at Francesca’s Pizzeria (in place of Nella) or Spacca Napoli in the coming weeks. Email me if you have any suggestions! (Feliciabraude@gmail.com)


Nishi’s excitement for the pizza
YUM- Loved the browned cheese

Sausage and green peppers


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