Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

Three things come to mind when I think of our past experience at Piece Brewery and Pizzeria. This is the order: 1. Awesome atmosphere 2. Awesome Beer 3. New Haven Pizza… Pizza, surprisingly, is not the first.

1. The Atmosphere:
This place is packed all the time. They don’t take reservations for parties under 10 so be prepared to wait. They have flatscreen TVs all over so sports fans can enjoy their food & drinks with the game. Booths and high tops fill most of the space and the loud laughter and noise proves that people are here to have a good time. I went to Piece with three other coworkers and we had a nicely sized booth in a different section away from the bar. Noise & TVs still prevalent which added to the enthusiasm of our meal!

2. Beer Beer Beer: We had a pitcher of one of the barrel brew-house beers, Worryin’ Ale. It’s a Rye beer which had a nice unique taste. I’m not a huge beer person, but LOVE trying beer when they make their own. Many of their beers have won awards, and I loved the finish of the Worryin’ Ale. It definitely went well with our pizza.

3. Pizza:  I guess New Haven-style pizza is not my ultimate favorite, but that’s what made them famous. I can tell you this though: Size matters ;-o. We ordered a large pizza (feeds 3-5 people) for appx $20 and it was HUGE. That was probably the most impressive part, and the fact that they cut the slices so much smaller so everyone had tons of pizza. Piece is a popular and well-revered place, but its pizza doesn’t make me say WOW when I take a bite. The blend of crust, sauce, and cheese is fine, but there was nothing thrilling about it. (All lovers of this place can feel free to disagree)

I am glad I had the experience to eat there, but NEXT TIME I want to have their large pizza & growler takeout deal… $25 for a large pizza and a growler (pitcher-size) of beer. Not too shabby considering the size of the pizza. Check out the enormous pizza photos!

(Special thanks to Jenna Rae, Nate, and Katie)

Huge Pizza! Jenna Rae & Nate

Chowing down!

Tiny slices! compared to the monstorous pizza

Aerial shot

The size of the pizza is massive compared to us.

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