Table 42- Boca Raton

NEWS ALERT: NEXT WEEK IS NATIONAL PIZZA WEEK! 🙂 Find some good ZA and report back! (

It was a sunny day in Florida, and my mom wanted to go to her favorite lunch spot for some healthy salads. Fortunately, the restaurant is also known for its pizza because it used to be called Coal Mine Pizza. Table 42 has a modern feel and we sat outside on the lounge-style wicker chairs.

Regardless of what you order, they serve warm pita bed sprinkled with cheese. The dipping sauce is a tomato bruschetta spread. This was a great start to a meal and I’m always pleased when restaurants present a variation of the classic bread & butter.

Pita Bread with tomato spread

While most of the family opted for the salads, I stuck by my goal of tasting the Brooklyn pizza from their coal-burning oven. I ordered a classic cheese & basil pizza with red onion. The pizza was made for sharing and I was pleased with the size.

The Review: The pizza was thin and floppy as expected for Brooklyn-style. It didn’t have a ton of coal oven flavoring, but still was satisfying. Overall, the pizza was a light option for lunchtime. Jon liked the pizza a lot and Ariel was happily overwhelmed by the size of their slices. There was an abundance of red onion and I was glad they didn’t skimp on toppings. I enjoyed this pizza a lot, and will find it tough to go back to ordering salads for lunch 🙂

Red Onion Pizza

Future Recommendation: Table 42’s truffle pie is nationally acclaimed, so it’s worth a taste. Also, check out their $5 burger night!

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