Tucci’s Pizza- Boca Raton

I knew before I left Florida I had to check out the infamous Tucci’s pizza. I have heard so much about it by reading fellow blogger posts and articles. Worstpizza.com just named it one of the top 10 pizza places for 2010… but why?

Tucci’s is wood-oven pizzeria in Boca Raton, FL. We called to see if they had tables available, and learned quickly that they were PACKED full. This is not a large pizzeria… approximately 15 tables. Therefore, in our laziness, we carried out. I hate to give a pizzeria a poor review for nearly fresh pizza, so I cut them a bit of slack when I tasted the ZA.

The coal oven at Tucci’s

Five of us were eating, so we went for a full meal. Chicken wings, salad, and two pizzas rounded out our order. With the help of a restaurant.com coupon, we saved $25. That was helpful because our bill totaled $65.00… although when you think $13 per person, that’s not too shabby.

The Review:

Authentic Margherita

Authentic Margherita: My mother was NOT pleased. She wished there was more sauce. My sister, on the other hand, enjoyed the flavoring of the cheese and didn’t mind them skimping on the sauce. I personally, loved the crust, so the sauce wasn’t an issue for me.

Pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni: My dad loves pepperoni, so we ordered that pizza as well. There was more sauce on this pizza which made us all pretty happy. I loved the floppy crust. My mom even liked this pizza although she doesn’t normally eat meat. It’s clear that even if a pizzeria is known for their coal-fired crust, they still have to keep up with their sauce. Regardless, the quality of tomato sauce was definitely nice… loved the flavoring.

Lovin that crust

Overall, Tucci’s was great. Some complaints on lack of sauce tainted my views, but it’s still a great coal-fired pizza for a Florida town… especially when there are no Home Run Inn pizzas in their grocery freezers 🙂

Can’t wait to go back again to Florida and check out newer places 🙂

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