Chef Alfredo Colle- Francesca’s Pizzeria Napoletana (UPCOMING TWEETUP)

In preparation for my #PIZZATWEETUP on February 20th at Francesca’s Pizzeria Napoletana, I took some time to sit down with Chef Alfredo Colle, the Italian-born (From Pozzuoli, Italy) pizza chef who puts his love for Neopolitan pizza into every dish he makes.
I hope you choose to visit his Lincoln Park restaurant after reading about him (and learning some Italian phrases)
After learning the art of pizza and hard work in Italy with his family, Alfredo went to Paris. He met a worker in a creperie who told him about Francis Ford Coppola, film director, wine maker, food appreciator. Coppola sponsored Alfredo’s US visa and invited him to the USA as his personal chef for five years. Non Scherzo! (I’m serious!) Alfredo worked in many restaurants in San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, and Arizona.
His mother is his angel… they video chat on Skype all the way from Italy and exchange recipes for the weekly specials.
He is most thankful to Scott Harris for hiring him to spread his talent to all of the restaurants under the Mia Francesca umbrella. Grazie mille (Thank you very much!) Although Chef Alfredo is mainly responsible for Francesca’s Pizzeria Napoletana, he will be training the other restaurants on his style of pizza.
“Francis Coppola gave me the chance; Scott Harris gave me my dreams”
In his time in Chicago, Chef Alfredo has not tried Chicago pizza! J Sei pazzo! (You’re crazy!) He feels that New York & Chicago pizza both have a lot of cheese, and Italian pizzas are great because they are light on the ingredients. He’s right! I love all pizza, but Chicago pizza is HEAVY…
The oven was built with rocks from the Mount Vesuvio in Naples Italy. Pizzas are cooked in 90 seconds with the 1000 degree oven. Their pizza is fresh, thin crust, finished with San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.
Chef Alfredo works 55-65 hours per week, and stops in on his days off for a chat with his waitstaff or a cappuccino. His heart & soul are in the restaurant (La vita è bella! -Life is beautiful)…he urges all Chicagoans to come and visit!
Signature dishes include the Vesuvio pizza which he created for Francis Coppola: ½ calzone to signify Mount Vesuvio, ½ pizza representing the gulf of naples as seen from Posillipo, Italy. Also, a banana & nutella dessert calzone made with pizza dough and caramelized cinnamon tops off any meal. Quant’è buono! (How good it is!)
Chef Alfredo is full of life and has a true passion for pizza… You must see it to believe it! They have specials on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and a great atmosphere in Lincoln Park. Stop by, sample some famous pizza cooked with love and many other dishes!
“My goal [is to have] people come back in my restaurant no matter what to make me a better pizza guy.”
Please follow this link to RSVP to a great pizza event from 4-6pm on February 20th at Francesca’s Pizzeria Napoletana: Free pizza and a chance to meet the famous Chef Alfredo Colle. I look forward to seeing you there!

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