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I have been more and more interested in Twitter, and I started following local Chicago people to see what’s going on in the city! @thelocaltourist (Theresa Carter) always keeps me up to date on the happenings around Chicago. She organizes a “Chef’s table” event at local restaurants and offers meals to guests at an affordable price. Much to my surprise, the restaurant this month was pizzeria!

Red Flame Pizzeria is owned by Marty Gallagher, a Chicagoan with a passion for pizza. For his restaurant, he chose a dual-method plan for his pizza: grilled-crust, and then a flame broiler to melt & cook the toppings. It’s pretty unique for a restaurant, but a common way to make pizza at home on the grill.
Grilling the pizza crust
We had the opportunity to try six different types of pizza and three bruschettas. Also, they had a great selection of wine for the evening. Jon & I spent time with Teresa (@Chi_dmb) and other guests as we sampled all of the food. 
Lovely wine selection
The first course included sundried tomato pesto bruschetta, onion marmalade/goat cheese bruschetta, and a tomato bruschetta. I normally don’t like sundried tomatoes, but they were puréed and quite flavorful. The onion marmalade with cheese spread was great too, and Jon’s favorite of the trio.
Bruschetta trio
So many pizzas were put out, so I will try to be brief. Things to note:
1. Everyone was excited to pounce on the pizzas, so I rarely got a shot of the full pizza! It’s better that way because you know people enjoyed it
2. I love a slightly burnt crust, but the bottom crust of the pizza was not crunchy
3. If you’re looking for a non-crunchy pizza with experimental topping combinations in an intimate environment, Red Flame Pizzeria can satisfy your craving.

Quattro- four cheeses topped w/arugula salad
Simple and great…
big MART: sausage, pepperoni, and some chili sauce
Signature red flame favorite!
(The chili sauce scared me because can’t handle spicy, but I survived!)
Prosciutto pizza: Jon loves prosciutto, so this was at the top of his list
the DADDY: my favorite… Chicken, BBQ sauce, charred onion, cilantro, shredded cheddar.
(I think I’m liking BBQ pizzas more and more)

veg HEAD: wild mushrooms, spinach, roasted garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil
If I remember correctly, this was topped with tons of garlic, perhaps too much! 🙂
S’mores: YUM AND YUM. Wowzas… one of my first dessert pizzas
Yes, it was great… but quite overwhelming.
Flame-cooked dough topped with chocolate spread, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and marshmallows.
I was satisfied because they made use of their crust and tasted great as a sweet finish to our meal!

I really enjoyed Red Flame Pizzeria and this event. The owner was accommodating and friendly! Definitely cares about his joint.

The space is cozy, with an long bar in the main room and high-top tables. I would estimate there is seating for 50 patrons. If you want a unique experience, the Chicago Pizza Tour (@ChiPizzaTour) makes a stop here. I’m hoping to take the tour myself when the weather is nicer!
Enjoy your week and look forward to my first #pizzatweetup post!

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