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I love going into my home office on Fridays. From Monday-Thursday, I work at my client’s office in the suburbs, so every Friday I cherish my short commute to the loop. My bus (156 Lasalle) dropped me off near Lasalle & Randolph, and I walked right past Mista Pizza, the third location of an organic pizzeria/salad/wrap place that I knew I had to try for lunch.

It’s great that the restaurant is organic. I feel better about my horribly bad eating habits, even though “organic” and “healthy” do not mean the same thingJ. Although we did carry-out, I noticed that seating was scarce… perhaps 10 or 12 tables and a handful of bar stools. Even though it may have been hard to find a seat, eating there would have been better so our pizza could stay nice and warm.

Napolitano Pizza
Napolitano Pizza

I split the Napolitano (sauce, roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, arugula, mozzarella, oregano, etc) with Drew, and I we both enjoyed it as a thin-crust, light lunch option. Drew liked the texture of the crust, “very crisp”, and there was a little spice to the pizza. If I could, I would give Mista a high five for a great balance of ingredients. The cheese was fresh, but didn’t overpower the sauce (my friend, Lauren, would like that) and I could still enjoy the crunchy crust.

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza

Annette and Allison split the margherita pizza- not too different from the Napolitano, but it was without arugula and had different tomatoes for the topping. They enjoyed their pizza as well, but agreed that our 5 minute walk from the storefront to the office caused the thin pizza to cool down too much. (Try and eat in if you can!)

Things to note!

  • We split these pizzas, but they are definitely small enough to eat yourself.
  • Ideally if going with a friend or coworker, I would split a salad and a pizza. For the cheap price (most pizzas at $9, salads at $6), it’s worth it.
  • The salads & wraps are fresh as well! Some people tried them and were pleased.
  • It doesn’t take too much time to make the pizzas, but might take time to find a seat since there isn’t a lot of space.

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