Nancy’s Pizza

After a great networking event with the Social Media Club Chicago, I was fired up, excited… and awake. Therefore, the only entertaining option for Jon & I was to order in some pizza. The restaurant of choice tonight was Nancy’s Pizza, a place that’s been around since 1971 and expanded in many other cities across the USA. Jon and Sal (his roommate) decided on a basic basil & garlic pizza. Surprisingly, I’ve never ordered basic delivery pizza with Italian-style toppings… the basics. Rather than a cheese pizza, we spiced it up just a bit.

(Failed attempt at getting a good photo of the pizza…
I guess I was just hungry and too lazy to make it perfect:)
The pizza was really good, and it took a lot of will power not to eat it all in one sitting. The crust was pretty basic/simple (as one should expect from the thin crust Edwardos-Nancy’s style) but I was really pleased with the sauce & cheese ratio. One gripe was that the garlic pieces could have been smaller. I know Jon loves garlic and probably enjoyed it, but Sal & I were a bit overwhelmed with a big garlic chunk in each bite.
Nancy’s is also known for their stuffed pizza, so I’ll have to keep it on the list and try some of that to compare with Giordano’s and Edwardos!

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