Tavern on Rush

Oh St. Patrick’s Day. Last week I celebrated the holiday after a productive day of work. A few beers later and after checking out a few different venues in the Gold Coast, Jon, his friend Bill, and I ended up at Tavern on Rush. Why, oh why did I have the intention of ordering a pizza to compliment our round of martinis, I will never know. But I won’t say it was bad.

Ordering pizza at a non-italian restaurant is always a gamble, but of course I had to judge for myself. We ordered the homemade sausage pizza per suggestion of the waitress, and it was GOOD.

The thin crust and cheese were pretty standard, but the highlight of the pizza was the sausage- it definitely made the pizza. Some bites were a little heavy on the green spices…  chopped basil, I think? It’s a fold-it-and-eat-it kind of pizza, and satisfies an appetizer appetite. This is no main-course deal, but don’t lose sight of its greatness. Did I say the sausage was great?

Happy Hump Day!

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