Month: April 2011

Bucktown, Dine-in, Gold Coast, Upscale

Feast Restaurant

I had a great meal last week with my friend Lauren. We met up at Feast in the Gold Coast for an early dinner. It was great weather, so we sat outside and enjoyed some fresh bread while we perused the menu. Lauren chose the fiesta salad, which I was eying as well, but then […]

Casual, Dine-in, Grocery, Outside Chi

Home Run Inn Pizza

This is a big post, folks: In the past few weeks, I went to a free-standing Home Run Inn Pizzeria AND tried their new Ultra-Thin Frozen pizza… Needless to say, it was a ton of fun 🙂 HOME RUN INN FROZEN PIZZA I have always grown up loving Home Run Inn frozen pizza… it’s a […]


Homemade Pizza (by Jori Griffith)

I am guilty of sitting on facebook every so often (or all the time), and a pizza photo came through my news feed—it looked SO good. It turns out the post was from Jori Griffith, a friend from high school who just got married! Anyway, I asked her for her ‘recipe’ and wanted to feature […]