National Deep Dish Pizza Day-Anastasia’s

On Tuesday, April 5th, people across the country (or maybe just me) celebrated National Pizza Day. In honor of the first Uno’s Pizzeria outside of Chicago, pizza lovers like myself flocked to local restaurants to enjoy their share of pizza the thick way.

Being on a client in Waukegan was hard because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hit Lou Malnati’s or Uno’s (the original) on my lunch hour. So we settled for someplace a little different, but still plenty fulfilling… Anastasia’s Restaurant & Sports Lounge.

Five of my coworkers joined me to commemorate the day, so I ordered one large deep dish pepperoni and one large thin-crust cheese (for noshing purposes in between bready bites). Pre-ordering was the best idea because we had a time limit and didn’t want to waste time waiting for it to cook.

When the deep dish pizza came out, we were excited to dig in. The sauce was almost like a tomato paste. It was sweet and good, but not a chunky sauce you normally see on a deep dish pizza. Actually I think it was more like a stuffed pizza, even though we ordered ours as a Chicago deep dish.

Deep Dish Pepperoni-Anastasia's

Deep Dish Slice-Anastasia's
Pepperoni Deep Dish Slice

Our crew loved the thin crust pizza as well, and some even preferred it. Nishi isn’t a fan of deep dish, so the thin crust was perfect for her. There was a nice blend of spices on top of the cheese, and it was so easy to chow down on the small pieces.

Thin Crust Cheese

John said “the famous Papa Del’s is hard to beat”, so his preferences stayed with the ZA in Champaign. Jeff gave the deep dish an A+, and Vamsi enjoyed it as it was only his second time trying deep dish!

For National Deep Dish Pizza Day, I was so glad my coworkers shared in my love for pizza and were willing to dig in during lunch. The only drawback=Food coma. Too bad lunch hour doesn’t provide time for napping!

Jeff Pauska & Pizza
Jeff & Cheese:)

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