Feast Restaurant

I had a great meal last week with my friend Lauren. We met up at Feast in the Gold Coast for an early dinner. It was great weather, so we sat outside and enjoyed some fresh bread while we perused the menu. Lauren chose the fiesta salad, which I was eying as well, but then my glance went to their ‘pizza’ section and I was hooked.

I ordered the Margherita pizza although they did have a few other options available. Restaurants that serve pizza are always a bit different than true pizzerias, but I couldn’t resist.

Feast Restaurant Chicago- Margherita Pizza

The pizza looked quite appetizing when we were served, with full tomatoes and a thick layer of cheese & spices covering the pizza. The portion was approximately 10 inches, but it was plenty for one person to eat.

Feast Restaurant Chicago- Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza

I loved the tomatoes and the mozzarella, and the edge of the crust was nice and crunchy. My only critique was the bottom crust was a bit bland and soggy. The juices from the tomatoes probably made for a soggy pizza, but I still liked the overall taste.

Soggy Margherita Pizza
Soggy bottom of the pizza- Remnants of the juices

If you are in the Gold Coast (or Bucktown) and happen to dine at Feast, the pizza is a nice option, but their other entrees are just as satisfying, if not more 🙂

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