Homemade Pizza (by Jori Griffith)

Jori & Ryan GriffithI am guilty of sitting on facebook every so often (or all the time), and a pizza photo came through my news feed—it looked SO good. It turns out the post was from Jori Griffith, a friend from high school who just got married! Anyway, I asked her for her ‘recipe’ and wanted to feature her on my blog this week! Thank you, Jori 🙂



If you’re lookin’ for something fun and sweet to do with your buddies or your special someone – making this homemade pizza is THE thing to do! Not only is it fun way to fuel your creativity- it’s a great, healthy dinner or lunch option.

Here’s what you need (for 2):

-2 8in Boboli 100% whole wheat pizza crusts
-1 can Enricos all natural pizza sauce
-1 bag of Sargento mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese
-1 container of Stella Parmesan cheese
-1 can of Pimento stuff green olives (queen size)
-1 chopped green pepper (1 inch pieces)
-1 container of slices mushrooms
-1 sliced tomato (1 inch pieces)
-1 bag of Bridgford turkey peperoni

-Jori Griffith

Ingredients for Homemade pizza!
Ingredients for Homemade pizza!
Pizzas before the oven
Pizzas before the oven
Finished Pizzas!
Finished Pizzas!



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