Pizzeria Regina- Boston

Boston is a great city. I had never been before, and I’ve always been interested in exploring the USA since I came back from Europe. I went to see my friend, Alexi, and my one and only request was to go out for pizza at a well-rated pizzeria. She probably already had this in mind, but of course I had to reinforce this desire. So she checked her sources to learn that Pizzeria Regina was the best around, and I confirmed with mine that it was part of Boston pizza lists.

On Friday night, Alexi, her friend Gina, and I headed to the famous North End to sample some of the greatness in Boston. There was a line outside the restaurant, so we took time for a photo opportunity! The General Manager, Richie Zapata, was seating parties and estimating wait times, clearly working to handle the busy crowd.

Felicia, Lexi, Gina outside Pizzeria Regina
Felicia, Lexi, Gina outside Pizzeria Regina
Door with awards- Pizzeria Regina- Felicia Pizza Lover Chicago
Door with awards
Pizza Oven- Pizzeria Regina
Pizza Oven- Pizzeria Regina

After approximately ten minutes (not too bad), the three of us were seated near the pizza ovens by chance! It was a great location, and so tempting to watch pizzas roll out as we waited to order. The restaurant was bustling: wooden booths, cozy area, loud music, and servers running around. It was truly a lively experience. We ordered a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and two 10” pizzas. Service was quick, and our waitress was helpful.


Margherita Pizza- Pizzeria Regina
Margherita Pizza- Pizzeria Regina


Margherita Pizza w/Broccoli & Red Pepper
Broccoli & Red Pepper Pizza



The crust- So good, so good. The char on the crust was splendid and it was a crunchy bubbly success. Rather than being a floppy thin New York slice, it was just less than one centimeter thick. Still thin-crust, but enough crunch and bread to it. Hope that helps you visualize.

Bottom Charred Crust, Pizzeria ReginaCharred Crust, Pizzeria Regina

The sauce- Alexi specifically mentioned the great flavor in the sauce, and Gina agreed.

Gina eating pizza
Gina enjoying the pizza 🙂


The cheese- I liked the blend of cheese a lot on the margherita because it was cooked first and then sprinkled with basil.

The toppings-Broccoli & Red Pepper- These toppings went well together, but the additional weight to the pizza made the crust a bit soggy in the middle. This is somewhat inevitable, so keep this in mind if you only are ordering one pizza. We still enjoyed this pizza, and it was less cheesey, which was good for our stomachs. 🙂

Overall, the pizza was so great and the atmosphere was hard to beat. Ritchie was friendly when he spoke with us after our meal, and it turns out their evening was full of tough New Yorkers & Boston Red Sox fans… it was Opening Day. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a popular pizzeria, as many people flocked there to eat after the first Red Sox win of the season.

Bonding with the Manager- Pizzeria Regina
Chatting up the pizza manager after dinner

Head to Boston, check this out, and report back to me if you’ve tried it!

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