Davanti Enoteca

Pizza D.O.C. -Davanti Enoteca
Pizza D.O.C.- Davanti Enoteca

I have been hearing great reviews about the newest restaurant from Scott Harris, Davanti Enoteca. Finally, Jon and I made a date to check out this great venue in Little Italy. Davanti Enoteca is a ‘no reservations’ small plates restaurant. Arriving around 5pm is highly encouraged or you should expect a wait.

I had the hardest time deciding what I would truly want to eat, but the spectacular menu options assured me anything would be great! (Jon & I were deciding between the Burrata mason jar with tuscan toast (Called ‘Vasi’, a special style of spreads), but our waitress suggested the burrata & tomato salad… similar ingredients, but more exciting!

Roasted cherry tomato + burrata + basil pesto salad, Davanti Enoteca's take on a Caprese Salad

Right after having this glorious combination of roasted tomatoes with cheese & pesto sauce, I was anxious to try it on my own… and I did roast my own WHOLE tomatoes the following night. Almost as great. What a clever twist on the caprese salad!

Charcuterie Plate- Davanti Enoteca
Charcuterie Plate

The next course was an assorted cheese & salami plate. This was also very satisfying, and a nice prequel to the obvious pizza finale to our meal.

Jon enjoying the meal
Pizza D.O.C. -Davanti Enoteca
Pizza D.O.C. -Aerial shot
Pizza D.O.C. -Davanti Enoteca
Pizza D.O.C.

The pizza D.O.C.… wowee… it reminded me of the pizza from Ciao Napoli, but a more refined taste (less oil, so the focus was more on the ingredients). I loved it. Loved the tomato sauce, the dollops of cheese, and the way the crust tasted.

Our table was also in the best location… it was if they knew I was a pizza blogger, but they didn’t. We sat right next to the kitchen/pizza oven, so we watched all the dishes come out… it was so much fun.

Pizza Oven- Davanti Enoteca
Pizza Oven @ Davanti Enoteca

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