Deals + Pizza

It is hard to keep track of all the deals in Chicago (and elsewhere), but it is no lie that there are at least 3 pizza-related deals per week. Today, Groupon is featuring “Slice of Chicago” pizza tours for $22, which is a steal. Since pizza tours are so expensive, I highly encourage you to wait for these precious days when a deal appears on one of the many deal sites. Also, Living Social posted a Pizza & Drink deal for Baci Pizzeria. So it seems every deal site has its pizza, but will I be pressured to buy?

Truthfully, the explosion of deals that once had me excited only makes me more overwhelmed…

If I buy a pizza coupon online, then I feel obligated to visit that restaurant the next time I am craving pizza. I would rather just act on an impulse and find a place to enjoy some great pizza and review.

Then again, for places that are close to my apartment (Pizano’s, Edwardo’s, etc) it’s hard to resist.

My advice to you: If you haven’t been on a pizza tour, you should definitely go, but WAIT for a deal to appear… heck, buy the groupon today! I haven’t taken this tour, but any tour involving pizza can’t be too bad!

Also, don’t let your pizza cravings get the best of you.. make sure you learn more about the location, reviews, and whether you know you can go. An unwasted groupon is no fun 🙂

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