Pizzeria Due

Pizzeria Due

Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due are two original pizzerias in the River North/Mag Mile neighborhood of Chicago. When my girlfriends gave me an Uno’s gift card for my birthday, I was so excited to use it! I have had the original Uno’s before, so I wanted to take the chance to use it at Due’s. The “one-and-only” “original” Pizzeria Due is located one block from the Pizzeria Uno. In the summertime, both have lines, but tourists are often wary of visiting Due’s… Still, they claim to serve the same pizza, and both will ultimately give you a Chicago deep dish experience.

DO NOT try to visit an “Uno Chicago Grill.” I am NOT a fan of this chain of restaurants that are modeled after the original pizzerias: There’s no true authenticity and definitely not the same kind of pizza. Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system….

Pizzeria Due opened in 1955 as Uno’s was getting more popular. My cousin, Brian, (see his homemade deep dish post ) models his pizza after the Pizzeria Due recipe. He finds the pizza to be a bit better than Uno’s, but I can’t really see a big difference.


Jon & I had a drink at the bar area and shared a caesar salad while we waited for our pizza to cook and a table to open on their patio. It was such a nice evening, and we wanted to enjoy eating outdoors.

We ordered a small pizza to share. A SMALL pizza? For two people?! But yes, a small pizza is suggested to feed two people. Jon wanted the “Numero Uno” Pizza. Of course the name is intriguing, but it is also packed with toppings: with sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms and their unique chunky tomato sauce as well as mozzarella and grated Romano. I asked for no mushrooms on my half, but otherwise we were excited to dig in.

Pizzeria Due
Numero Uno Pizza

I was excited when the pizza arrived, and after my first bite, I instantly tasted buttercrust & Sausage… Those were the first flavors… and they were so good. I am always hesitant to order too many toppings on my pizza (and I still stand by that), but it was a fun flavor explosion that night.

Slice from Due's- Check out the prominent Sausage along with all the other toppings...



The crust is great… I like it better than Gino’s East because it is less of a tough & yellow crust. You can definitely taste butter & garlic in it. I also like the sauce at Uno’s better than Gino’s East because I don’t always love the tangy/sweet sauce.

After eating at Pizzeria Due, I am anxious to write a review about Lou Malnati’s since I know SO MANY of my friends are obsessed with their pizza. Enjoy your weekend and GET READY for NATIONAL PIZZA PARTY DAY on Sunday, May 15th. In fact, feel free to check out one of the Chicago Pizza Tours! It’s a great way to enjoy.

Halfway done... we were already feeling full!

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  1. This is the pizza I grew up on. Chicago style thin crust pizza with homemade Italian sausage was a staple in my house growing up, but the trip downtown to Pizzeria Due for Ike Sewell’s legendary deep dish was always the real treat. Pizzeria Uno/Due still gets their sausage delivered from Anichini Brothers’ Sausage Company, and I still think this sausage is better than the Peoria Meat Packing sausage used over at Lou Malnati’s. That said, Lou Malnati’s buttercrust is better than the crust served TODAY at Uno’s/Due, but the pizza itself from Pizzeria Uno/Due is still better than Lou Malnati’s. And this is not a knock on Lou Malnati’s because I’m a big fan of Lou’s, too.

    As long as were talking about Pizzeria Due, you really should try Louisa’s in Crestwood, IL. Louisa’s makes the refined/perfected version of Pizzeria Due, but with a thinner/shallower crust. The late Louisa De Genero was a waitress and a cook at Pizzeria Due for over two decades during Pizzeria Due’s heyday ( the 1960’s and 1970’until 1981 ). Her adult daughter ( who also worked at Due for 10 years ) and her adult grandchildren now run Louisa’s. They have won many awards from CLTV, Metromix, and most recently Chicago’s Best for having the best deep dish pizza.

    Louisa’s crust is shallower/thinner, but it’s slightly buttery. This is the crust that use to be served at Pizzeria Due way back when, before the Boston based Uno Holdings Corporation decided to go cheap and use a combonation of olive oil/corn oil in the current crust recipe served today at Uno’s/Due. The crust you ate at Due was good, but it use to be better many years ago. And this is where Louisa’s comes in with the classic slightly buttery crust that used to be served at Uno/Due. On a good day at Uno/Due, you may get a good tasty crust; but, on a bad day, the crust at Uno/Due can be dry, hard ( sometimes overcooked ), and tasteless. There are no bad days at Louisa’s when it comes to the crust. It’s always good. And the pizzas are made in the same black cast iron pans that use to be used at Pizzeria Due before the corporate take over by Boston based Uno Holdings Corp. ( who filed bankcruptcy in 2010 )

    The tomato sauce used at Louisa’s tastes EXACTLY the same as Uno’s/Due, but Louisa’s grows their own herbs and spices in the back of the restaurant. Similarly, the sausage tastes EXACTLY the same as Uno’s/Due, but Louisa’s makes their sausage homemade, whereas Uno’s/Due still gets their sausage delivered from Anichini Brothers.

    Louisa’s also serves a Chicken Vesuvio Wings appetizer in their own signature garlic, olive oil, and white wine sauce, that is every bit as good as their regular Chicken Vesuvio dinner. And their Italian ice is served inside a lemon with the top cut off, which is always a big hit with my kids.

    Overall, Louisa’s is very Italian, very South Side, and very family friendly. The owners are always there, and will often introduce themselves to you. If you liked Pizzeria Due, then you should enjoy Louisa’s shallower/thinner crust recipe. Your pizza blog is a lot of fun, and is a nice light hearted departure from what I do for a living. Keep up the good work and GO ILLINI.

    Good Eating,


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