Pizza Girls

Now that I am working in Florida for the next month or so, I had to start checking out some of the pizza in West Palm Beach & Surrounding areas. My coworkers showed me a great night at the World of Beer, a bar where they do not serve food. The magic is that there are a handful of restaurants that will deliver food to your exact seat in the bar, and the World of Beer encourages it!

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Mama Milano Neopolitan Pizza Bar

Since reading this article (The Dish, over two months ago, I have had my eye on Wells Street awaiting the opening of Mama Milano– a new pizzeria concept in Old Town.

Friends can attest to my excitement. They have witnessed me walking up to the construction-covered entrance of the restaurant, itching to get inside.

Finally, when I was least expecting it, I spotted the opened restaurant during the Wells Street Art Festival and darted over to check it out. (Sorry to Jon, Lisa, and Sam for running away from you at the fair!)

The well-lit Mama Milano Pizza Bar

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Taste of Waukegan

It was only fitting that on my last day of work at my client in Waukegan, we would eat pizza. Waukegan, Illinois is not known for its pizza, but just like any neighborhood, the locals know where to get the best.

Pizza Sampling Line

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Pat’s Pizza

Friends and Family: I am leaving Chicago for a bit! 🙁

My next consulting client is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and then I will be working internationally in Argentina and Mexico City. I am really excited for this opportunity, but it will definitely mean less Chicago pizza and more pizza sampling all […]

Voted Best Tasting Pizza in Chicago!

Photo from Acapella Bistro In the South Loop. Quite entertaining

Happy Monday! My manager was out and about this weekend and sent me this photo 🙂 Quite comical and thought it would brighten your day! Wouldn’t you enjoy pizza if it was free! If only….

Look forward to: -Pat’s Pizza in Lincoln Park […]