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Friends and Family: I am leaving Chicago for a bit! 🙁

My next consulting client is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and then I will be working internationally in Argentina and Mexico City. I am really excited for this opportunity, but it will definitely mean less Chicago pizza and more pizza sampling all over!

My girlfriends surprised me with a going-away pizza party at Lauren’s place, and they ordered a pizza I have really been interesting in trying: Pat’s Pizza in Lincoln Park! As you may recall, I wrote about the Pat’s in the south loop… two different pizzas, but the Lincoln Park one has been heralded and awarded.

First and foremost, they ordered 3 large pizzas for 7 girls… 2 cheese, and 1 ½ cheese and ½ pepperoni. The pepperoni was for me 🙂 How nice! But back to THREE pizzas… this seemed like too much, but thin crust pizzas are consumed much quicker. We only left a few pieces at the end, so I must commend Pat’s on their proper portion recommendation.

(Disclaimer: Photos are not so great because we were all too excited to eat, that I forgot to take photos of the pizza before eating)

Half Pepperoni/Half Cheese, already being devoured

Of course, I ate all of my pepperoni half, so I probably consumed the most pizza, but would you expect any less?

Sam enjoyed the thin, crispy crust, and the fact that it was not mushy at all. Dayna compared it to a pita chip, with its flaky appearance. My biggest (and best) critic, Lauren, thought the sauce tasted like heaven- major points.


Delectable Pepperoni Pizza 🙂
Cheese Pizza- Perfectly Charred Cheese


Wow, Pat’s … we were unanimously pleased with your pizza.

  • Pepperoni great, but nothing outstanding.
  • There was just enough sauce to compliment the cheese & crust.
  • The thin crust was flaky and held its own as delivery pizza
  • The cheese was great: minimal char, but well-cooked.

I am almost turning my interests toward Pat’s now rather than Pizano’s thin crust! Scandalous… but will it change my Fave Five? You’ll have to wait and see!
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  1. Next time you go to Pat’s, get the sausage pizza. Pat’s sausage is homemade, and it’s loaded with fennel. It’s truly excellent. The only Chicago thin crust that’s better is Villa Nova in Stickney. Their sausage is also homemade, but it’s served in larger chunks than Pat’s. There is a real good discussion of Villa Nova on LTH.FORUM- great pictures, too. Villa Nova also had a real nice write up in the Leasure Blog ( “The Stew” ) in the Chicago Tribune back in December of 2010, possibly Dec. 7th ????? A simple cheese and sausage will do at Villa Nova or Pat’s.

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