Pizza Girls

Now that I am working in Florida for the next month or so, I had to start checking out some of the pizza in West Palm Beach & Surrounding areas. My coworkers showed me a great night at the World of Beer, a bar where they do not serve food. The magic is that there are a handful of restaurants that will deliver food to your exact seat in the bar, and the World of Beer encourages it!

Since my coworkers enjoyed pizza from Pizza Girls before, they wanted me to taste some ZA from this New York-infused pizzeria. We ordered 1/2  Mulberry Street (Mozzarella, Tomato, (no olives), Goat Cheese) + Spinach, and 1/2 Pepperoni. We were pretty excited when our LARGE pizza arrived. Their smallest size is a large 16″… so the three of us took a deep breath and then dove in.

Large Pizza: 1/2 Mulberry, 1/2 Pepperoni

I was pleasantly surprised to be eating a crunchy NY – style pizza. My coworker, Beth, loved the bubbly crust and that it was still soft. As a cheese appreciator, she didn’t find anything spectacular about it.

A bit greasy, like most NY style pizza 🙂

I really loved the tomato sauce. It had a bold flavor and complemented the toppings well. This is THIN pizza, and definitely mimics New York’s large pie slices. We had a great time, and I’m looking forward to trying more pizza in Florida. Then again, after eating ‘Pizza Girls’ pizza, I want to jet off to New York and try more of the same!
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