Taste of Waukegan

It was only fitting that on my last day of work at my client in Waukegan, we would eat pizza. Waukegan, Illinois is not known for its pizza, but just like any neighborhood, the locals know where to get the best.

Pizza Sampling Line

I asked for suggestions on pizza we should try, and we narrowed it down to three different places: Double D’s, Mikes, and Quonset. I went out with Lisa to pick up each of the pizzas, and was first surprised by the price differential:

Double D Pizza: (bar setting)
Thin crust Cheese-14” = 10.99
Double Decker- 14”=13.99

Quonset: (family friendly, bar & seating)
Thin crust Cheese-14” = 13.50

Mike’s: (carryout only)
Thin crust Cheese-14”=$6.15

Clearly Mike’s is the winner on price… have you ever seen prices so low for a 14” pizza (a size many consider to be Large)? And Double D pizza even beats Quonset; their Double Decker (twice as much crust) is similarly priced to Quonset. Quonset Pizza is the priciest… but they do have a welcoming seating area.

Then we brought the pizzas to our office. As excited as I was to taste the pizzas, I was excited for everyone else to try as well. I created a nifty scorecard for each person to evaluate the pizzas, because I truly wanted to see what everyone thought, and appreciated their responses. I took a more scientific approach to my analysis this time because I had a large group of people, but I will give my basic qualitative feedback.

Mike’s looked great, tasted great, basic pizza:

Mike's Cheese Pizza
Mike's Sausage
Mike's Pepperoni
Mike's Pizza

Quonset looked greasy, awkward, and scared me a bit, but didn’t taste as bad as it looked.

Quonset Cheese-Very Scary 🙂 Grease Ball
Quonset- Sausage
Quonset- Veggie- Veggies look uncooked



Double D’s, tons of cheese, great crust, was pleased. The Double Decker was a bit much for me though.

Double D's Double Decker Cheese
Double D's Sausage
Double D's Veggie
Double D's Thin Crust Cheese
Double D's Entrance



19 people turned in review sheets… and here are the results:
Cheese Average Rating- Taste of WaukeganSauce Average Rating- Taste of WaukeganCrust Average Rating- Taste of Waukegan

Best Pizza- Taste of Waukegan
This was a close call!!

So Mike’s Won! But it was a close call! Seems that all the local people enjoy their preferred pizza 🙂 It was a filling meal to say the least. Thanks everyone for submitting your results!

Double 'D' Pizza on Urbanspoon
Mike's Pizza House on Urbanspoon
Quonset Pizza on Urbanspoon

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