Carmine’s- Palm Beach

Although Florida is not known for its pizza, I still have to satisfy my cravings when I’m in town on business. Beth (a coworker & friend) was talking about my blog to our client, and he insisted that we try Carmine’s near Palm Beach Gardens. How could we protest? 🙂 Ron & his wife have been living in Florida for some time now, and they often visit Carmine’s because of the comfortable homestyle Italian dining. They also enjoy live entertainment on the weekends at this joint along the inter-coastal.

Along with some great wine, Beth & I split a LARGE pizza… and this was quite large. ½ was for me, and ½ was for Beth. Their menu boasted a list of appx. Ten pizza combos, along with a make-your-own option.

1/2 Pizza Carmine, 1/2 Pizza Florence

I ordered the PIZZA CARMINE in hopes of savoring their great sausage, and it was definitely satisfying. There wasn’t a ton of fennel taste, but that allowed it to blend with the cheese. Beth also enjoyed her heavily topped PIZZA FLORENCE   (Artichoke Hearts, Spinach, Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella). The slices were large, to mimic New York slices, so don’t expect an authentic Italian style.

Slice of Pizza Florence

Slice of Carmine's Sausage- Check out the crumbled sausage!

On my sausage pizza, I missed out on some of the sauce, but I liked the crumbled sausage spread across the pizza (compared to other sparsely topped sausage pizzas). Beth’s favorite part was the crust, and she said it was “delicious” the next day :). Overall, the ambiance was great, the price was right, and the pizza was fresh.

We had a great evening with Ron & his wife and I hope to visit Carmine’s again. As much as I love their pizza, hopefully I’ll look to try something else tasty on their packed menu. Italian restaurants like this are always bound to have multiple specialties, and I can’t wait to try them out.
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