Scuola Vecchia

Regina Margherita Pizza- Scuola VecchiaI was REALLY hoping for a Neapolitan pizzeria to ‘wow’ me in Florida. My expectations in this state are pretty low, but when I saw WorstPizza’s positive review about a pizza place on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, I had to check it out. Jon was in town one weekend and my mom wanted to try it as well. We walked in around 8:15pm to a relatively packed restaurant. The space is small, hosting approximately 12 parties at a time, and the white chairs, white walls, white table lent itself to be meticulously clean.
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Pizza Al Fresco

Pizza with coworkers is always fun. One of our coworkers, Jordan, suggested an upscale pizzeria he recently visited with his girlfriend. Our group of eight took a nice lunch break and drove up to Worth Avenue, the ‘Fifth Avenue’ of Palm Beach, Florida. The weather was warm, our stomachs were grumbling, and we sat down for a nice meal.

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Tocco Chicago

I spent last weekend in Chicago and was so excited to be back in my home city. Jon & I were meeting up with some of his friends at a new bar in Wicker Park, so we wanted to grab dinner in that area. After I vetoed the sushi dinner option for the evening, he made reservations at Tocco, a Pizzeria & Wine Bar near the Division St. Blue Line stop. It was perfect weather for dining outside, and the restaurant has a nice eclectic patio and large garage door windows that were open as well.

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Antico Pizza- Atlanta, GA

Antico Pizza Napoletana…

YUM… please go here if you are in Atlanta.

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Fellini’s -Atlanta, GA

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia on a business trip. I was elated because my best friend, Rachel, moved down there to attend a creative art/advertising program for the next few years! In my 5-day span, I ate at two famous burger joints (Vortex and Flip Burger) and 2 pizzerias (Fellini’s and Antico Pizza Napoletana). I will admit that I fell in love with Antico and was not as pleased with Fellini’s, but that is because Fellini’s is considered a chill place where the locals go. Nobody claimed Fellini’s as the best, and I am okay with that.

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