Antico Pizza- Atlanta, GA

Antico Pizza Napoletana…

YUM… please go here if you are in Atlanta.

[Continued from Fellini’s post] Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia on a business trip. I ate at two pizzerias: I will admit that I fell in love with Antico and was not as pleased with Fellini’s, but I will focus on Antico for this post.
Aside from Davanti Enoteca in Chicago, I haven’t had an awesome Italian-style pizza in a LONG time… I enjoyed Sono Wood Fired, I enjoyed Coalfire and the rest of the wood/coal/Italian-esque pizzas, but the pizza from Antico tasted like it came straight from Italy.

Long wooden tables at Antico

I drove through Atlanta to get here, and this was not a metropolitan area by any standards. The location is right outside downtown Altanta near Emory University, but is set far away from local restaurants, bars, etc. I walked in around 4:30pm, well before any sort of dinner rush. I ordered my pizza at the counter and waited patiently for its arrival. The pizzas come in one size, and they are a bit pricey (18-23 dollars per pizza). The pizza is said to feed two, but I still went for the Margherita pizza (although I heavily contemplated the Gennaro).


I sat at a long table right near the counter, and my pizza arrived on a large baking pan: Eight large slices topped with calculated sauce & cheese placement. As you can see in the photos, every slice was different. Some slices had more sauce & less cheese, while others were very mozzarella-heavy. This was alright for me, because I literally had a different experience with every bite.

Eating in the 'kitchen/dining' area of Antico


Margherita Pizza- Amazingness
Pizzaola's making pizzas in the kitchen
Pizza Toppings!
The bottom crust of the pizza
My leftovers... so tempting to leave them

[Disclaimer: I know you may think I’m crazy with my descriptions, but I left this place on such a pizza ‘high’ that I figured you should experience the same thing I did].


After two slices of pizza, I realized that I missed an entire seating area of the pizzeria, grabbed my things, and moved over to the kitchen/dining area. There were approximately six long tables in the back of the pizzeria which showcased the three BRICK ovens from Italy.

Italian music was playing and the pizzaola’s were tossing & topping many pizzas for dinner. I continued eating my pizza and stopped myself after devouring half in 20 minutes. The amount of willpower I had was amazing. I enjoyed the sticky dough crust, PURE as pure tomato sauce, and fresh buffalo mozzarella. They truly took care of each ingredient and ensured the highest quality was part of each pizza.

I hope everybody in Atlanta (or those venturing this way) takes note of this gem. Since there is no ‘atlanta-style’ pizza, why not go for the good stuff? Although it is not near any tourist places, it’s still worth it to enjoy  a taste of happiness!

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