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Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia on a business trip. I was elated because my best friend, Rachel, moved down there to attend a creative art/advertising program for the next few years! In my 5-day span, I ate at two famous burger joints (Vortex and Flip Burger) and 2 pizzerias (Fellini’s and Antico Pizza Napoletana). I will admit that I fell in love with Antico and was not as pleased with Fellini’s, but that is because Fellini’s is considered a chill place where the locals go. Nobody claimed Fellini’s as the best, and I am okay with that.

I loved the sign and how each location has plenty of outdoor seating. I ordered two slices at the counter and was given a placard with a comic that identified my order. (clever, I think). I also ordered a glass of wine because, ‘why not?’ 🙂 , I’m on business and deserved it. It was only fitting for my glass to come in a cute cup, and the Sauvignon blanc was really nice. Price came to appx. $11, definitely manageable for a weeknight low-maintenance meal.

Fellini's Patio
Batman Placard!!
Cup of water & glass of wine
Sicilian Slice- Pepperoni, Tomato, & Onion
Side View- Sicilian Slice

My slices arrived just after fifteen minutes, and at first sight I was a bit displeased. Fellini’s has two styles: Sicilian and thin. My Sicilian piece was topped with pepperoni, tomato, and onion. Judging by the picture, you can probably tell that the onions are uncooked, and the tomato was lukewarm. I pulled off the onions and charged into the slice… There was no real flavor, and the Sicilian crust had little to no appeal.

White Pizza & Sicilian Slice
White Pizza

Then I took a stab at the white pizza with spinach… this was actually a winner in my book! For a white pizza, it ALSO had tomato sauce on it! I love sauce, so that was great. The bottom had a bit of char, and there was a ton of cheese on top.

Fellini's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Although I enjoyed my thin crust white pizza, the Sicilian “pepperoni etc.” slice turned me off to Fellini’s. I know that people from Atlanta consider this a comfort pizzeria and a place where locals go, so I have taken that into consideration. I would definitely come here for the cheap slices and fun ambiance, but advise you to stay away from the pizza that I ordered with uncooked tomatoes and onions :).

Next Altanta post includes my rave reviews about Antico Pizzeria Natpoletana! A sure choice for italiano pizza that I still rave about!

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