Pizza Al Fresco

Pizza with coworkers is always fun. One of our coworkers, Jordan, suggested an upscale pizzeria he recently visited with his girlfriend. Our group of eight took a nice lunch break and drove up to Worth Avenue, the ‘Fifth Avenue’ of Palm Beach, Florida. The weather was warm, our stomachs were grumbling, and we sat down for a nice meal.

After ordering an antipasti platter & some calamari, we awaited an assortment of pizzas to be delivered to our table. While waiting, I managed to spill some balsamic vinegar on another glass and we watched Jordan eat a whole Sardine… quite daring.

All of our ‘individual’ pizzas arrived and we began to enjoy. I ate the white pizza and wasn’t quite satisfied with it. It was a bit bland without the sauce, and I usually only enjoy a white pizza if the flavor is insane. Once I had some sauce on the side, I enjoyed it much more.

Spagnola- Chorizo Sausage & Onion Pizza

Colorful Bianca- Olive Oil, Garlic, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Spinach, Diced Tomato, Parmigiano

Diavolo- Spicy Salami, Mozzarella, Tomato

Quattro Stagioni- Tomato, Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Mushroom, Artichoke, and Parmigiano

Frutti Di Mare- Olive Oil, Shrimp, Calamari, Baby Scallops, Diced Tomato

The crust was paper thin but not cracker crisp (if you follow). It was lacking some flavor of its own, but the assortment of toppings and specialties definitely brought out unique flavors. As far as meat goes, there was pepperoni, chorizo, sausage, and spicy salami. I was impressed to see this variety, and I enjoyed tasting it from other peoples’ pizzas.

Crust Picture- Not much char... not mushy...

One of our coworkers, David, ordered the Frutti di Mare, and it was topped with all sorts of seafood. As you probably know, my allergies restricted me from trying it, but he definitely enjoyed the decadent toppings.

Leftover Crust from Mark's Pizza

At the end of the meal, I noticed our manager’s plate had been left with some crust! In order to devour the entire pizza, Mark claimed he had to sacrifice the ends of the crust… I think many of us found this comical, but at least he was happy with his pizza!

The pizzeria is a lovely secluded area off Worth Ave, and the less-than-astronomical prices make it a nice alternative to a mid-shopping lunch or dinner 🙂 Then again, nothing in particular had a ‘wow’ factor, but it’s a reasonably priced option in that area.

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