Scuola Vecchia

Regina Margherita Pizza- Scuola VecchiaI was REALLY hoping for a Neapolitan pizzeria to ‘wow’ me in Florida. My expectations in this state are pretty low, but when I saw WorstPizza’s positive review about a pizza place on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, I had to check it out. Jon was in town one weekend and my mom wanted to try it as well. We walked in around 8:15pm to a relatively packed restaurant. The space is small, hosting approximately 12 parties at a time, and the white chairs, white walls, white table lent itself to be meticulously clean.
Shaun and his mother Sharon were running the joint that evening. Although Shaun’s father’s family is from Sicily, he wanted to go for a Neopolitan pizza and bring variety to the Florida pizza scene. Needless to say, we were all excited. Our waiter was a comical & friendly Italian who was not hesitant to make suggestions & crack jokes throughout the meal.

We started with some cocktails and a Sopressata, artichoke, olive oil flatbread appetizer. This was a nice light prequel to our meal and a hint into what the crust of the pizza would taste like. The crust was very airy, and the light blend of flavors was interesting.

Sopressata Bread- Scuola Vecchia
Sopressata Bread

Also, we ate an arugula salad & pear salad. The portions are substantial enough for one hungry person, but also able to split in anticipation of a pizza. Sorry, no pictures for these.

Mom, Jon, & I ordered two pizzas for our entrée: The Regina Margherita- their bells & whistles cheese pizza, and the Keste- a Prosciutto, Arugula, Parmesean blend. The Keste was a strong suggestion from our waiter, and I was just dying for some fancy Margherita pizza.

Regina Margherita Pizza- Scuola Vecchia
Regina Margherita
Regina Margherita Pizza- Scuola Vecchia
Side View- Regina Margherita
Keste- Sucola Vecchia
Keste- Sucola Vecchia
Keste- Up Close

This pizza instantly reminded me of the za I ate when I was in Atlanta, Georgia one month before. The attention to detail with an airy chewy crust and SUPER fresh ingredients made our experience completely enjoyable. I wanted more basil on the Margherita pizza but enjoyed the scattered dollops of cheese & cherry tomatoes. The salty taste of the arugula offset the prosciutto and was well-executed.

Oh yeah, and check out some of their dessert. We tried the Tiramisu, and the ice-cream-scooped goodness was a great finale to our Italian meal!

Tiramisu-Scuola Vecchia

So basically, Scuola Vecchia’s pizza rocks.  Many people have trouble finding their go-to spot in Florida, but this is a place I want to bring all my friends to when they come in town! It’s right on Atlantic Avenue, the staff is friendly, the ingredients are fresh, and the pizza is top-notch.

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