Grande Pizza- Boca Raton

I recently had an opportunity to meet up with the Florida pizza blogger- Craig Agranoff of He blogs about restaurants in Florida and has few other contributors to his website. When I started working at my client in West Palm Beach, I got in contact with him, and we met at one of his preferred pizzerias in Boca- Grande Pizza.

Crusty Cheese- Grande Pizza

Imagine Pequod’s pizza turned into garlic bread with pure greasy cheese and spiced tomato sauce on top. The crusty cheese pizza is great here and it is in a class of its own as far as style.  It is a Detroit-style pizza, but marketed as the “Crusty Cheese.” It is baked in a rectangular-shaped pan and has the sauce on top. First impressions were positive. I could see the burnt cheese around the edges, a variety of spices atop the sauce & cheese, and a darkened crust.

Crisp cheesey edges
Charred Crust
My gooey cheesey saucy slice 🙂

I must say that the first bite was pretty awesome. I was fork-and-knifing it, and enjoying the crisp edges and pure cheese—no four cheese action going on here. The glory of this pizza being square is that each piece was a crust piece. I know some of you might enjoy the middle pieces, but this style of pizza would be nothing without the crust.

Grande Pizza Oven
Pan used for making the pizza

Needless to say, the pizza was good, the conversation was great, and I was happy to have tried my first Detroit-style pizza. I will be back again with my dad because I only brought him the leftovers… and today they are running a LIVING SOCIAL deal at the restaurant. It seems to be my lucky day! I hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend and perhaps it included some pizza 🙂
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