Grimaldi’s-Palm Beach Gardens, FL

My parents drove up to Palm Beach Gardens last week to meet me at Grimaldi’s new pizza location– the famous pizzeria that originated in Brooklyn. The coal brick-oven pizzeria has been around for a while, and they recently expanded to Florida. Jamie Culliton, a winning pizzaiolo who I met at the Orlando Pizza Show, helps make awesome pizza at the Palm Beach Gardens location.

We dined on a Tuesday night, and it was ½ price bottles of wine. Lucky us! My dad ordered a great bottle Palladio Chianti that was smooth and delicious. My mom started with a salad, but dad and I were gearing up for the pizzas.

We ordered two personal pizzas… I laugh at that name ‘personal’ because they are 12 inch pizzas… which normally cannot be consumed by 1 person unless they’re REALLY hungry. But nonetheless, we wanted to try two different kinds, so two pizzas worked for our party of three.

Pizza #1: Pepperoni & Onion

Pepperoni & Onion Pizza
Overhead View
My slice 🙂

Pizza #2: Margherita

Margherita... please excuse the pizza stand covering some of it



Well we pretty much polished the two pizzas off. I think we may have left one or two stragglers, but it was ok. The pizzas were awesome. I am glad we started with the pepperoni and onion pizza. There was a lot of sauce, fresh cheese, and the onions were cooked to that perfect point of enjoyment… weird point, I know.

In my mom’s own words “The crust is fricking amazing.” I guess that’s what you get with hand-tossed hand-rolled pizza cooked evenly throughout in their ovens. It was not paper thin, but thin enough, and there were no soggy parts. My parents were in love with the pizza, so I’m sure they’ll make the drive again to taste its deliciousness.

Also, there is another location opening in downtown West Palm Beach, for all you Floridians. All I can say is that you should prepare for total pizza domination. Good pizza is slowly creeping into Florida… can you handle it?
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