Happy Blogiversary! Message to My Readers

Just over a year ago, I started writing about my experiences at pizzerias around Chicago. I love being able to share my experiences with all of you, and it has made my love for pizza even stronger. I am not ashamed to be pizza-obsessive. I crave it, I eat it, and I appreciate it 🙂 I have had the privilege to attend the Pizza Executive Summit in Chicago and will be attending the Orlando Pizza Show in Florida… anything to keep me closer to pizza.

I am so excited to continue blogging about my favorite food… even as my job takes me to Argentina & Mexico City many times over the next year. If you have ANY suggestions about pizza or want to be a ‘guest reviewer’, don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME.

As always, I am posting my reviews without a rating scale. I don’t think it’s fair to the pizzerias to rank a Neapolitan against a NYC style pizza. First, I will ALWAYS love the Neapolitan more, and second, they are truly different styles and should not be pitted against each other. That is why I adopted my FAVE FIVE for Chicago pizzerias. I often rationalize my reviews to steer the reader toward or away from that location depending on their interests for a meal. I find that it’s better than just giving a rating, but let me know what you think.

Thanks to all my friends and family for dealing with my cravings and eating with me. It’s always fun to eat in the company of others, and I’m happy to share my experiences with the people I care about.

I hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable labor day weekend, filled with FRIENDS & FAMILY & PIZZA:)

Thank You to my readers!

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